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Chen Hao

Chen Hao Chinese actress Chen Hao (Chinese: 陈好 ), born on December 9th in Qingdao, Shandong, China became a favorite face during Seoul's International TV Festival held in the capital city of South Korea. Chen Hao is an actress, known for The Legend of Hao Lan in 2019 and War of God in 2018.

In fact, she was awarded the top trophy for an actress at the festival for her portrayal of a charming woman during the 1940s in China. Famous for playing roles that require a pretty face, this role helped Chen prove that she also has seasoned acting skills.

Chen Hao was born in the coastal city of Qingdao, in Shandong province in China. Even before she graduated from the Central Academy of Drama as an acting major, she had already made quite a few screen appearances.

Because of her young cute-looking face, she was chosen to play in the film "Mountain, People, and Dog", the TV series "Lu Buwei, the Hero in Times of Disorder" and "Li Wei, the Magistrate".

She was also cast in the lead role for the play "The First Close Contact", based on the popular website novel of the same name. Through these various roles, Chen gained her initial acting experiences.

Chen Hao It was not until 2003 that Chen became widely known by Chinese audiences. That's when she played in the television series "Pink Ladies", adapted from hit cartoon series written by Taiwan cartoonist Zhu Deyong.

In this television series, Chen played a role called "Charming Lady in the Eyes of Every Men". This character has a charming face and figure, worships money, is complacent when courted by countless wooers, and refuses offers of marriage.

After the release of the television series, Chen Hao began to be called by her role's name due to her apt portrayal of the "man killer".

Later, Chen went on to play in another comedy adapted by Zhu Deyong's cartoon "Double Sound Cracker", although she did not received as much acclaim as she had for the "Pink Ladies".

Her success in "Pink Ladies" later won her a string of typecast roles. She played the capricious younger sister in the television series "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devil", adapted from Louis Cha's novel, and a beautiful college student in Huo Jianxin's film "Please Praise Me".

She went on to play Diao Chan, one of the four ancient beauties in China, in the TV series "Three Kingdoms".

Chen Hao She gave a convincing portrayal of a woman who has a stunning face, graceful posture, and natural body fragrance.

In 2005, Chen reached outside the bounds of acting to release a singing album the self-titled "Chen Hao" produced by Japanese producer Tetsuya Komuro.

She even won the most popular female singer award issued by Channel V in 2006.

Also, she released a Japanese language album in Japan in 2007 called "Feel Your Heart Every Time".

In 2008, she walked away with another most popular female singer trophy. this time at the MTV pop music awards.

Chen returned to the big screen in 2009, shooting the films "No Trouble Making", "The Founding of A Republic" and "Seeking for Someone Called Tiny Dust". She also did some voice work for the animated film "Malan Flower".

In the next few big shows, Chen Hao Ming showed her super fashion driving force with two different LOOK styles!

Sexy black silk dress with a tough motorcycle jacket - interpretation of high fashion sense; white shirt with a long red coat of patent leather, vitality and cool, as soon as the emergence of the lens has become the focus.

Chen Hao As a new darling fashion darling, Chen Hao Ming has always had her own unique insights in fashion.

Whether it is the usual private street shooting or the magazine full of gas, every time she always brings a different vision to the general public.

But what confirms Chen's power as an actress is the role that won her the award at the recent Seoul TV Festival.

In "Live a Luxurious and Dispassionate Life", she plays a woman who indulges in gambling and enjoyment in 1940's China.

Her role develops from a innocent student, to a young wife and mother, to a lady indulging in gambling and carousing with wealthy men. Her role changes greatly in looks as well as in her persona.

Chen Hao won the Jury Award at the Seoul TV Festival for this role. Her appearance in Cheong-sam was that of a typical oriental beauty, and the sophistication of her acting displayed formidable strength.

In this role, Chen Hao demonstrated that she is not only an actress with pretty face, but one that possesses a keen mind with all the assets needed to be an excellent actress.

Chen Hao Recently, the actress Chen Hao, who performs dazzlingly in major TV dramas, always has a very busy schedule.

Last week, Chen Hao Ming was wearing a spliced printed strap dress with light-colored jeans and appeared in Shanghai Fashion Week.

She was wearing a pair of exaggerated earrings which matched her cool personality, along with a delicate makeup and eye-catching look.

At the show, she also took a photo with the famous actor Xu Jinjiang and was complimented by him.

Later the hit sweet youth drama “Youth In Your Name” ended with 320 million views. Since the play was aired, it has been praised continuously, it's popularity has been rising, and it ranks first in the campus network drama.

In this drama, the audience's eyes are not only locked on the men and women. Shen Shuping, a straight girl played by Chen Hao, also received a great deal of attention.

At present, Chen Hao's historical costume drama " Huang Feng Prison " and this sweet pet youth drama "Youth In Your Name" have all been completed. The epic drama " My Beauty Hao Lan " has been put on hold.

Chen Hao Chen Hao, came into limelight in 1998 after the release of her award winning film the “Postman in the Mountains” in which she revealed her great acting ability on screen.

Her leading role in the TV drama “Li Wei the Magistrate” in 2000/2001 made her popular with the Chinese public.

A graduate from the Central Academy of Drama with majors in acting in 1997, more awards seem to come her way as she was again decorated with the Jury Award at the 2009 Seoul TV Festival for her outstanding performance in the film, "Live a Luxurious and Dispassionate Life".

In the film she portrayed the character of a permissive woman given to gambling and an indulgent life.

Chen, in a popularity online poll, was able to collect over one million votes pronouncing her the "Most Beautiful Woman" in China. Chen is married to a business tycoon, David Liu Haifeng and she gave birth to a girl in May 2011.

The beautiful Chinese mainland actress Chen Hao appeared on the cover of the fashion magazine 'Hotspot', or Da Zhou Mo in Chinese, which released its 43th edition on Thursday, March 5th.

Her latest TV sitcom, "Zhi Zui Jin Mi", or "Wanton and Luxurious Living", has been enjoying high audience ratings in its primetime slot.

Chen Hao Set against the backdrop of the anti-Japanese sentiment following the war, the story tells of a beautiful, young woman named Tian Peizhi (Chen Hao) who lost her faith amid the turbulence and gradually saw her own life go rolling out from under her.

The actress defined her own definition of feminine beauty and youth:

"Beauty and youth is the unique capital of women, but also the hurdle that blocks people's proper judgment.

Pretty girls may count on beauty to give them advantages, but will learn that the sense of privilege built on their looks is never reliable.

So, never count yourself among the beautiful and always do what you should do."

Her thoughts on desires and expectations:

"Tian Peizhi once admired jewelry-adorned rich women, only to find out that ultimate happiness comes from nothing but simplicity after the turmoil she had experienced. However, people nowadays usually find it hard to be content."

Chen Hao Her outlook on knowing her boundaries:

"One should at least know where the boundaries are. Give up when the goal is too high to reach, and stick to one if it is within your ability.

I would never risk my health for anything. I never sign up for two plays at the same time, nor would I shoot films non-stop. I must have time to rest."

On not missing out on the best times in life:

"An actor will be acting throughout his or her life, with different roles in different stages. Meryl Streep continued her acting career and still gets Oscar nominations due to her outstanding talent.

Many people are overworking themselves, but work is endless.

On luck:

"I am lucky. I made a name for myself on the TV sitcom "Fen Hong Nv Lang", or "Pink Ladies". I don't have to act for a living. I choose plays out of interest."

Chen Hao



Year Title Role Notes
1992 Requital
1995 Trouble Maker
1997 Surveillance
1999 Postmen in the Mountains
2005 Pretty Swindler
2005 The Money Tree
2005 He Who Chases After the Wind
2005 Gimme Kudos
Ouyang Hua
2006 Kissed by the Wolves
2007 Twins Mission
TV host
2009 The Founding of a Republic
Fu Dongju
2009 The Magic Aster
2009 Tiny Dust, True Love


Year Title Role Notes
2000 Lü Buwei: Hero in Times of Disorder
2001 Xiucai Doufu
Yang Jingjing
2002 Li Wei the Magistrate
Yue Siying
2003 Zhaimen Nizi
Zhang Suxin
2003 Pink Ladies
2003 The Story of Selecting Imperial Concubines
Hehua / Yangliu
2003 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
2004 The Luckiest Man
Wan Ruyi also known as Tianxia Wushuang (天下无双)
2004 Shuangxiang Pao
Lü Xia
2004 Wo De Wulin Nanyou
2005 Wo Ai Hedong Shi
Du Yuehong
2006 Shei Wei Ni Zuozheng
Chen Wei
2006 Meinü Ye Chou Jia
Shen Tian
2006 Yuwang Zuji
2006 The Great Dunhuang
Princess Meiduo
2007 Huangshang Er Daye
Consort Zheng
2007 Da Huaishu
Feng Yuan
2008 Wanton and Luxurious Living
Tian Peizhi
2010 Three Kingdoms
2013 Editorial Department Story


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