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Angela Yeung Wing

Angela Yeung WingAngela Yeung Wing (simplified Chinese: 杨颖; traditional Chinese: 楊穎), born on the 28th of February 1989 is better known by her stage name Angelababy. She is a model, actress, and singer based in Hong Kong.

In 2013, she was chosen by Southern Metropolis Daily as one of the New Four Dan Actresses.

In 2016, she won the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the blockbuster film Mojin: The Lost Legend.

Angela was born to a Shanghainese mother and a father from Hong Kong, who is of half German and half Chinese descent. Her birth name is Yang Ying (Cantonese: Yeung Wing).

Her father runs a fashion business in Shanghai and she developed an interest in fashion as a child under her father's influence. She once said in an interview:

"Even though he sells more mature clothes, I loved going to his store and trying on new outfits and mixing and matching them. It was fun. I think that's how I developed a passion for fashion".

Angela moved to Hong Kong when she was thirteen and signed a modeling contract with Style International Management at the age of 14.

Angela Yeung WingAlthough her English name is Angela, she was sometimes called "Baby" during her primary and secondary school years. So, she combined these two names to form her stage name, Angelababy. She speaks English, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Japanese and Cantonese.

Angela debuted as an actress in the movie Trivial Matters in 2007, where she had a 5-minute cameo appearance in the film. She then starred in numerous films as supporting roles, as well as appearing in music videos.

Angela had her first leading role in the 2011 film, Love You You, alongside Eddie Peng. She also sang a duet with JJ Lin entitled "Bottom of the Heart" as part of the movie's soundtrack.

In 2012, Angela starred alongside Mark Chao in romance film, First Time, a remake of the 2003 Korean film. Her performance in First Time won her the Most Anticipated Actress award at the 13th Chinese Film Media Awards. She then starred in both installments of wuxia film Tai Chi, portraying a martial artist.

In 2013, Angela starred in Tsui Hark's crime action film Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, playing a beautiful courtesan. She won the Most Popular Actress award at the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival for the film.

In 2014, Angela joined the cast of Keep Running, a spin-off from the South Korean variety program Running Man. The series was a major hit in China, and propelled Angela into a household name.

Angela Yeung WingThe same year, she starred alongside fellow Keep Running member Michael Chen in romance film, Love on the Cloud, which was a moderate success at the box office. Angela was crowned "Weibo Goddess", as well as "Weibo Queen" for the year 2014.

Angela made her Hollywood film debut in Hitman: Agent 47 with a minor role. She then starred in Mojin: The Lost Legend, based on the popular tomb raiding novel series Ghost Blows Out the Light.

The film became the highest-grossing Chinese-language IMAX film in China, with US$27.1 million before it was surpassed by The Mermaid.

Angela won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 33rd Hundred Flowers Awards for her role, but was criticized for her mediocre acting and lackluster performance.

The same year, she starred in her first television series, historical drama Love Yunge from the Desert based on Tong Hua's novel Song in the Clouds.

In 2016, Angelababy played a major supporting role in the Hollywood science fiction film, Independence Day: Resurgence. The same year, she was listed as one of Forbes' inaugural 30 under 30 Asian Celebrities under the film, music, television and sport category.

In 2017, Angelababy starred alongside Wallace Chung in the historical drama General and I. Although the drama was a commercial success, she received criticism for her acting and for using stunt doubles.

Angela Yeung WingIn 2018, she starred in the modern workplace drama Entrepreneurial Age alongside Huang Xuan and in 2019, Angela starred in the modern drama, My True Friend, as a property agent.

Angela had been dating Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, who is 11 years her senior, for six years, but their relationship was not revealed to the public until February 2014.

On the 27th of May 2015, they obtained their marriage certificate in Qingdao, China and their wedding banquet took place in Shanghai on the 8th of October 2015.

The wedding banquet was reported to be one of the most lavish in China's history with a reported estimated cost of US$31 million.

In October 2016, Huang and Angela announced her pregnancy. She gave birth to their son nicknamed Little Sponge on 17th of January 2017 at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital.

Angela has invested in several businesses; including a nail parlour, a cafe (with fellow Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka-fai) and a lifestyle store.

In 2015, she set up her own venture capital fund, AB Capital. She then bought shares in the Chinese overseas purchasing e-commerce site Ymatou and beverage brand HeyJuice.

Angela Yeung WingIn 2016, Angela entered the Hurun Philanthropy List - the youngest to be included. She and husband Huang Xiaoming donated US$2.6 million to a charity program initiated by Huang to help university graduates start a business or seek employment.

In 2020, Angela and Huang Xiaoming donated CN¥200,000 to hospital relief efforts related to the Wuhan coronavirus.

Continuing the agency’s expansion into the Asian market, UTA has signed Chinese film and TV star Angela in all areas, becoming the actress’ first American representation.

One of China’s biggest entertainers, Angela also has an enormous presence on Chinese social media, with more than 70 million followers on Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter. She also was the only Chinese actress to make this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Angela currently appears on the hit television series Yun Zhong Ge, which has garnered more than 980 million online views.

Her other credits include Mojin: The Lost Legend, for which she received a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Jinji Baihua Awards; the unscripted TV series Running Man, for which she won Most Popular Actress at China’s equivalent of the People’s Choice Awards; the Tai Chi franchise; and Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon.

She recently wrapped filming on The Ferryman, starring Leung Chiu-Wai and Chang Chen and produced by Wong Kar Wai for Alibaba Pictures.

Angela Yeung WingAngela recently became an ambassador for the charity WildAid and has also expanded her brand internationally with the launch of venture capital fund AB Capital, which focuses on female lifestyle and Internet startups.

UTA will work with Angela to develop opportunities in domestic and international film, television, digital media and endorsements and in building Chinese/American co-productions around her. She continues to be repped in China by Kim Chou and Yang Ming.

Most celebrities have turned getting through customs lines into an art form, but few have mastered airport style as well as Angela.

The Chinese model-actress is always on the go and whenever she touches down in a new location, she does so in fashions direct from the runways.

As a luxury brand ambassador, Angelababy regularly wears some of the world’s most exquisite couture, but her off-duty moments can be equally compelling.

When Christian Dior’s womenswear designer Maria Grazia Chiuri debuted her first cruise collection, themed “Dior Sauvage,” notably absent from the festivities on May 11th was the brand’s newly appointed China ambassador, Angela.

As the show took place in Calabasas, California, the suburban area in the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon that’s home to Drake, Kanye West, and the Kardashians, the Chinese online community continued to dispute the fashion house’s selection of Angela, who has been called China’s “Kim Kardashian.”

Dior apparently hoped to instill excitement around the West Coast event runway show among its Chinese fans. Kicking off with the event - which saw major celebrities in attendance such as Rihanna, Charlize Theron and international fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni.

Angela Yeung WingDior pushed out more than 15 posts on its official Weibo account that introduced Chiuri, revealed behind-the-scenes shots of the event and live-streamed select moments.

The glamorous collection, though, has not been successful in diverting the attention of Chinese consumers away from their preoccupation with the suitability of Angela as Dior’s new face in China.

“Many old and loyal customers have complained about Angela. I did too,” one user with the handle qingchunbudinianshao, wrote, and urged Dior fans to contact the brand’s headquarters by phone or email “to complain.”

“Angela will only downgrade the brand and drag down the sales and reputation,” the above commenter continued. “We firmly boycott her. Dior should immediately remove her position otherwise we won’t buy any products.”

There are also many users saying they would unite with Chinese consumers living in France to officially boycott Angela until the Parisian fashion powerhouse ceases its relationship with her.

Some users also say the rumors about Angela’s plastic surgery are at odds with Dior’s feminist image. The user jingjingen commented:

“She has a fake face, no professional spirit, and a bad reputation in China, does that stand for Dior’s independent feminist spirit?”

Angela Yeung WingSince Jing Daily first reported on the controversy, there’s been further coverage on the issue in the Chinese media. The Chinese fashion site LADYMAX wrote that the decision was not sufficiently considered, but that it fits with Chiuri’s mission of attracting more millennials.

Tencent’s fashion channel was pro-Angela, saying that her influence is wide, she’s a highly responsible ambassador, and that she even deserves an award from Dior for being the best ambassador in China.

“Angelababy is so awesome,” wrote one supporting fan who goes by the handle, dongdong. “She has worked with Dior several times. It’s not surprising that she was chosen as the brand ambassador. Congrats baby!”

While some negative reactions have affected the positions of brand ambassadors in the past, maybe a little controversy is just the effect Dior is hoping for if it aims to have a younger, more dynamic image.

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Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2006 Under The Lion Rock Band Cream 狮子山下菊带霜 student
2007 Trivial Matters 破事儿 Tak Nga
2009 Short of Love 矮仔多情 Angel
G-Force 超鼠特攻 Voice-dubbed (Cantonese version)
2010 All's Well, Ends Well 2010 花田喜事2010 Princess Pearl of Flowerland
Hot Summer Days 全城热恋 Xiao Qi
2011 All's Well, Ends Well 2011 最強喜事 Better Cameo
Tangled 魔髮奇緣 Rapunzel Voice-dubbed (Cantonese version)
The Founding of a Party 建党伟业 Xiao Fengxian
Love in Space 全球热恋 Huang Mudan
Love You You 夏日乐悠悠 Xia Mi
2012 A Simple Life 桃姐 Herself Cameo
First Time 第一次 Song Shiqiao
Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault 痞子英雄 Fan Ning
Tai Chi 0 太极1:之零开始 Chen Yuniang
Tai Chi Hero 太极2: 英雄崛起 Chen Yuniang
2013 Together 在一起 Lin Shengnan
Crimes of Passion 一场风花雪月的事 Yue Yue
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon 狄仁杰之神都龙王 Yin Ruiji
Double Cities 双城记 Short film
The Best is Always Here 最好的,一直都在 Short film; Cameo
Who Is Your Dish 2013 谁是你的菜2013 Princess Le Short film
2014 >Temporary Family 失戀急讓 Lui Yuen-ping
Rise of the Legend 黃飛鴻之英雄有夢 Xiao Hua
Love on the Cloud 微爱之渐入佳境 Chen Xi
2015 Running Man 奔跑吧!兄弟 Herself
You Are My Sunshine 何以笙簫默 He Yimei
Bride Wars 新娘大作战 He Jing
Hitman: Agent 47 代號47 Diana Burnwood
Mojin: The Lost Legend 鬼吹灯之寻龙诀 Ding Sitian
2016 Kill Time 谋杀似水年华 Tian Xiaomai
Independence Day: Resurgence 天煞—地球反擊戰2 Rain Lao
League of Gods 封神传奇 Lan Die
Love O2O 微微一笑 很傾城 Bei Weiwei
See You Tomorrow 摆渡人 Ah Yu
2019 The Captain 中国机长 Cameo

Television series

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2010 Tweet Love Story 恋爱对白 (恋するセリフ) Li Zi
2015 Love Yunge from the Desert 大汉情缘之云中歌 Hou Yunge
2017 General and I 孤芳不自赏 Bai Pingting
2018 Entrepreneurial Age 创业时代 Na Lan
2019 My True Friend 我的真朋友 Cheng Zhenzhen
TBA City of Desire 渴望生活 Lin Li
A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower 摩天大楼

Variety Show

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2014–present Keep Running 奔跑吧 Cast member
2017 King of Glory 王者出击
2018 Clash Bots 机器人争霸
2019 Four Try 潮流合伙人



Year English title Original title Album Notes
2010 "Beauty Survivor" rowspan=3 Japanese single
"Love Never Stops"
"Everyday's A Beautiful Story"
2011 "Bottom of the Heart" 海底之心 Love You You OST with JJ Lin
2012 "Can We Smile Together" 都要微笑好吗 First Time OST
"Say Goodbye"
"Happy Together" with Aarif Rahman
2015 "Today You Will Marry Me" 今天你要嫁给我 Bride Wars OST with Ni Ni, Chen Xiao & Zhu Yawen
"Green Skirt" 绿罗裙 Love Yunge from the Desert OST
2019 "Snow Flower Poem" 雪花赋 Performance for CCTV Spring Gala
"Run For The Dream" 造亿万吨光芒 Keep Running theme song with Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Zhu Yawen, Wang Yanlin, Lucas Wong and Song Yuqi

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2012 Fashion Power Awards Trendy Public Figure N/A Won
Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Red Carpet Style Won
2013 China's Women Media Awards Breakthrough Female Won
Bazaar Jewelry Night Charity Star Award Won
Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards Most Charismatic Actress Won
9thmHuading Awards Most Popular Actress Elected by Media Won
13th Chinese Film Media Awards Most Anticipated Actress First Time Won
1st China International Film Festival London Best Actress Crimes of Passion Nominated
2014 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival Most Popular Actress Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon Won
14th Chinese Film Media Awards Most Anticipated Actress Nominated
3rd iQiyi All-Star Carnival Asian All-Rounded Idol N/A Won
2015 Weibo Awards Ceremony Weibo Goddess Won
Weibo Queen Won
Cosmo Beauty Ceremony Beautiful Idol Award Won
4th iQiyi All-Star Carnival Rising Achievement Award Won
2016 19th Huading Awards Best Actress (Ancient Drama) Love Yunge from the Desert Nominated
33rd Hundred Flowers Awards Best Supporting Actress Mojin: The Lost Legend Won
8th Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress Kill Time Nominated
Weibo Awards Ceremony Outstanding Charity Figure N/A Won
2017 Toutiao Awards Popular Actress of the Year Won
Most Commercially Valuable Celebrity Won
2018 Weibo Award Ceremony Philanthropy Contribution Award Won
Hot Search Artist Won
12th Tencent Video Star Awards VIP Star Won
Toutiao Awards All-Rounded Artist Won
2019 Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards Most Charismatic Actress Won
6th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Best Actress (Emerald Category) My True Friend Nominated
24th Asian Television Awards Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominated
Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival Best Actress Nominated
Cosmo Glam Night Person of The Year (Dream) N/A Won
16th Esquire Man At His Best Awards Most Popular Actress N/A Won
2020 Weibo Awards Ceremony Weibo Goddess N/A Won

Forbes China Celebrity 100

Year Rank Ref.
2011 88th
2012 100th
2013 54th
2014 55th
2015 12th
2017 8th
2019 14th


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