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Qin Lan

Qin LanQin Lan (秦岚) was born on July 17th, 1981 in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. She is an actress, model, and singer known for Story of Yanxi Palace (2018), The Last Supper (2012) and Red Dust (2013).

Qin won a Golden Award in the Advertisement Model category of the 1999 National Nominate Newcomer Competition (全国推新人大赛) in February 2003, when Taiwanese writer Chiung Yao and her team were holding auditions in Beijing.

Qin was selected from a pool of 200 candidates to play a new character, "Chen Zhihua" in the television series My Fair Princess III.

She is also known for her role as Empress Fucha in the 2018 hit historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace.

Qin graduated from the Shenyang University of Technology. She was in a relationship with actor Huang Xiaoming but they separated in 2006. In August 2009, Qin was seen dating Lu Chuan, who directed the 2009 film City of Life and Death, which she acted in.

Kindness was one of the reasons why Empress Fucha Rongyin’s character received popular support in Chinese hit the Story of Yanxi Palace.

One instance was when the empress taught her servant, the protagonist Wei Yingluo, to read and write.

Qin LanQin Lan, 37, who played the beloved empress, also ranked kindness as the most important trait she looks out for in her prospective partner.

The period drama, which was set during Emperor Qianlong’s reign in the 18th century, has since garnered over 15 billion streams and is the most Googled television show in the world in 2018.

The actress was in Singapore for Starhub’s inaugural Night of Stars event where she was commended as the Best Female Asian Star.

As for her ideal partner she shared, “I don’t care so much about his looks, but I prefer a man that is taller than I am because I'm of average height. Beyond that, he should be humorous, have decent looks and share similar values and worldviews as me. Most importantly, he has to be kind.”

Reportedly single, Qin Lan has had a fair share of media speculation on the status of her relationship with co-star Lawrence Wong, a Malaysian-born and a former Channel 8 actor, who played imperial guard Hai Lan Cha.

The fuel igniting this speculation was that Lawrence had once stated in an interview that Qin Lan is his idea of a perfect woman.

But Qin Lan quelled these rumours and stated that Lawrence is like a brother to her. “I think he can’t say that I am not his perfect woman OK?” she shared while laughing.

Qin Lan“I don’t think I am that perfect and I admit that I have shortcomings also. Maybe Lawrence appreciates my kindness very much, as he is very kind too. Lawrence is a simple and kind-hearted person, and his character is something my team and I really like.”

Besides their close off-screen friendship, Qin Lan is also his boss as she is one of many that manage the agency Lawrence is signed to in China.

The two first met when Qin came to Singapore to shoot an advertising campaign as the Chinese ambassador for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Lawrence was introduced to Qin Lan and her team and they quickly hit it off when he was asked if he wanted to pursue a career in China. Seeing an opportunity for new challenges, Lawrence took them up on their offer.

The Chinese actress, who starred as Empress Fucha Rongyin, also shared her beauty tips to stay fresh and hydrated in hot weather.. Plus, she also shared some of her top beauty habits in this Q&A session.

Because the Story of Yanxi Palace has a lot of strong female characters Qin was asked what lessons can modern women can learn from the show?

“I think people can learn various lessons from Fucha Rongyin. The first is to find strength and independence from within. Secondly, competing and fighting will not help you find love."

Qin Lan"Love is about giving and communication. I feel that when it comes to love and relationships, we shouldn’t be afraid to give more because the returns will be worth it.“

The filming of Story of Yanxi Palace took place in summer during four months of hot weather which was not a particularly pleasant experience for her and the cast.

“You don’t know how terrible conditions were, it was as bad as when I filmed in Singapore."

"When I filmed in Singapore, I really wanted to shoot indoors cause it was so hot and I kept perspiring but I couldn’t because I, as the Chinese ambassador for the STB, had to introduce Singapore’s sights and scenes."

"The Story of Yanxi Palace was filmed in Hengdian and it was comparable to Singapore’s weather. We wore thick clothes and had to change into winter wear when we filmed winter scenes, which included charcoal heaters and fake snow. Halfway through filming, we had to take the costumes off to cool down.”

The filming actually got so hot that Qin suffered from a heatstroke and had to be sent to a hospital for observation.

“During lunch breaks, I would eat less or eat faster so that my makeup artist had time to redo my makeup. It got really tiring. Every night after filming I would do face and eye masks to replenish the moisture in my skin."

Qin Lan"I also liked to organise get-togethers after filming with the cast and crew to just relax, have a chit-chat and eat some good food. I would buy a lot of face masks so that anyone who came would get a face mask from me."

"We lose a lot of moisture during the day so we have to be sure to replenish it at night. Even the male actors would put on eye masks while we chatted and played games.”

Favourite sight in Singapore?

“Gardens by the Bay was my favourite sight in Singapore, because I was filming some night scenes at the location and it was so pretty. I wish I had more time to enjoy myself more when I was here previously.”

“I would like to sign mre new artists. Hopefully I can scout new talents on this trip to Singapore. There is a lot of talent waiting to be discovered and they need to be kind. Acting can be learned, but character cannot.“

What are your future plans?

“Looking forward I will be on this drama coming next year called The People’s Property. In the show, I play a strong female figure who dominates over her husband - a role very different from Fucha Rongyin. I am scared that people will be shocked by how different the character is.”

Qin LanHer role as the merciful Fucha Empress in Story of Yanxi Palace has made her one of China’s biggest stars.

But, before breaking big from that show, 38-year-old Qin Lan has always been known for her beauty and anyone knows that it’s never easy to look this good consistently.

Recently, the actress gave an interview where she talked about the stress of looking picture perfect on screen. She revealed that whenever the camera is on her face, she has to make sure that she looks flawless from 'every angle'.

"I believe that you cannot let the audience down, and so I often go for IPL treatments on my face," she said.

"I believe this is a very normal way to maintain your looks. Actors who look really good on screen are usually as thin as ghosts in real life. They all don’t look good, or they look very normal."

"But everone looks fatter on screen," she added - repeating the well-known adage that the camera adds 10 pounds to your face and figure.

"Everyone likes to discuss how I maintain my good health, but it all comes down to self-discipline. For example, even if I really want to have a carbonated drink, I will try to choose water or soda because they're alkaline."

Qin Lan"I place more importance on my diet. I must be clear on what I'm eating and what effects they have. Only by understanding them do I know what is good for me."

"I work hard to control myself with fried food or snacks, which I really like. Self-discipline tells me what is healthy for me. Sometimes, I will reward myself once a month and then exercise to make up for it."

"Insist on being yourself, being relaxed and enjoying the state of life and work, and doing your favorite things in the most comfortable way."

Qin Lan's most interesting is the contrast of personality. She is always unhurried, easy to meet, and content with the status quo. She always reminds herself that frustration, help, adversity, and adversity are all elements of achieving today.

She tries to maintain a calm mind, but at the same time has strict requirements on herself - "You cannot lack self-discipline, even if you love cookies and chocolate, you never eat them."

"A life that is too self-disciplined will be boring", but Qin Lan chooses to do only things that are meaningful to her. "Knowing that coffee can help to reduce swelling, it is OK to drink before work and applying makeup. When you are free, drink only mild hot tea."

"You need to know what is good for yourself, and your body will be rewarded." Nearly 38 years old, she still looks like a young girl, and she has a slim figure. Behind it is effort, sacrifice, and choice.

Qin LanIt is unclear to many why such a beautiful girl is still single, and that there are reports that even her friend Ying Cai is worried about her. Qin Lan admits that, like other girls, she yearns for a perfect love.

In one interview she revealed that she really wants to make beautiful love movies and have an addiction, but also understands that love cannot be rushed.

"I'm looking forward to loving someone, loving him and to love each other. There is interaction, and we can communicate with each other as if I have a rhinoceros."

"I want this kind of love, just like Queen Fucha. But, I have my own pace. Do not rush to follow the pace of others, beauty will definitely stay to the end, waiting on the beautiful Qin Lan."

On reflection of her character in The Story of Yanxi Palace, the actress said, "I never thought everyone would like this character so much. I remember when I got the offer to star in it that I was so conflicted."

"This was clearly a scheming palace drama, but everyone is fighting except for her. I worried that this character was overly simple, and even my staff thought this character had no drive, lacking the space to grow. Who would've thought that there was so much to gain in the end?"

Qin LanQin Lan expressed the queen's dignified and gentle appearance very well, even bringing light to such a simple role. Her abilities were obvious.

Qin Lan became one of the most popular actors in the drama after its broadcast. As for her real self, she also has a charming and calm nature. "The real me hopes to be gentle the best way I can. I am a bit selfish, but I can also be accommodating."

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Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2004 Deng Xiaoping in 1928 邓小平·1928 Zhang Xiyuan
2006 Heaven in Ten Days 十日天堂 Qin Nan
2009 City of Life and Death 南京! 南京! Mrs Tang
2009 Looking for Jackie 寻找成龙 Doctor
2010 Romance on Lushan Mountain 2010 庐山恋2010 Geng Fei'er
2011 Mr & Mrs Single 隐婚男女 Cherry
2011 The Founding of a Party 建党伟业 Su Xuelin
2012 Be a Mother 母语 Li Yan
2012 The Last Supper 王的盛宴 Lü Zhi
2015 Ulterior Motive 别有动机 Ye Shuang
2016 Who Sleeps My Bro 睡在我上铺的兄弟 Xu Meixin
2018 Miss Puff 泡芙小姐 Cameo
2018 Super App 超级APP Rita also producer
2018 Ex Plan 前任局中局 Chen Wen
2018 My Neighbor Totoro 龙猫 Mother China version voice dubbed
2019 Mao Zedong 1949 决胜时刻 Soong Ching-ling
2019 Sweet Princess 甜心格格 Empress Dowager Cixi

Television Series

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1999 推新人的故事 Xiaoyu
2000 信仰 Hong Rong
2000 不共戴天 Du Juan
2000 嫁个好男人 Xing Dan
2001 Love Legend of the Tang Dynasty 大唐情史 Wu Meiniang
2001 火凤凰 Tong Shanshan
2003 My Fair Princess III 还珠格格III Chen Zhihua
2003 青天衙门 Consort Liang Cameo
2004 My Date with a Vampire III 我和僵尸有个约会3 Ngok Ngan-ping
2004 铁血莲花 Shuigu / Shen Shuilian
2004 龙票 Runyu
2005 Wind and Cloud 2 风云II Yu Chuchu
2005 The Legend of Hero 中华英雄 Mu Xiuluo
2006 Primacy Teahouse 第一茶庄 Shen Yuqi
2006 护花奇缘 Guan Qingqing
2006 芙蓉花开 Lan Xiaowei / Lan Furong
2006 我家不打烊 Miaomiao
2006 老鼠爱大米 Xiaowen / Xu Wei Cameo
2007 Dreams Link 又见一帘幽梦 Wang Lüping
2007 Embroiderer Lan Xin 绣娘兰馨 Shen Lanxin
2008 Love in the Forlorn City 伤城之恋 Zhou Yuqing
2009 Three Black Triangles 黑三角 Cheng Suzhen
2009 Mysterious House 滴血深宅 Bai Yulan
2009 Red Electric Wave 红色电波 Xin Qing
2010 Erroneous True Love 真情错爱 Ye Jin
2010 Mama I Love You 妈妈我爱你 Yue Juni Cameo
2011 A Perfect Husband 完美丈夫 Wang Yan
2011 New My Fair Princess 新还珠格格 Du Xueyin Cameo
2011 Legend of Fan Liwa 大唐女将樊梨花 Fan Lihua
2012 King's War 楚汉传奇 Lü Zhi
2013 Red Dust 滚滚红尘 Gu Haitang
2013 The Girls 2 女人帮·妞儿 Anni Cameo
2013 Destiny by Love 非缘勿扰 Liu Lin
2014 Song of Vengeance 唱战记 Luo Yan
2014 The Romance of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 Hexiang Cameo
2016 Who Sleeps My Bro 睡在我上铺的兄弟 Xu Meixin
2016 Let's Fall in Love 咱们相爱吧 Cai Chun'ni
2018 Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略 Fuca Rongyin
2019 The Brightest Star in the Sky 夜空中最闪亮的星 Fang Yiran Special appearance
TBA The Eight 民初奇人传 Jin Xiuniang
TBA The People's Property 人民的财产 Fan Jiahui
TBA We Are All Alone 怪你过分美丽 Mo Xiangwan
TBA The Heritage 传家 Yi Zhongling


Year English title Chinese title Co-singer(s) Notes
2006 忘情 Eric Huang ending theme song of Primacy Teahouse
2007 人在旅途 Bao Jianfeng, Nie Yuan
2007 滑出精采 Yin Xiaotian, Aduo, Qiusi, Jimmy Wong, Shen Renjie, Jing Gangshan, Cheng Xianjun theme song of Mingxing Da Lianbing (明星大练冰)
2007 "Wrong" insert song from Dreams Link
2007 "Dreams Link" 又见一帘幽梦 theme song of Dreams Link
2012 "Red Dust" 滚滚红尘 theme song of Red Dust
2014 "Starlight on the Rooftop" 屋顶上的星光 insert song from Song of Vengeance
2014 硬仗 Xie Binbin
2014 "Only Want to Love You" 只想爱你
2014 "Bring Me Away" 带我走
2018 "Sound of the Falling Snow" 雪落下的声音 insert song from Story of Yanxi Palace


Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2018 Golden Seagull International New Media Film Week Best Actress (Web series) Story of Yanxi Palace Won
5th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Won


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