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Ivet Lalova

Ivet LalovaIvet LalovaIvet LalovaIvet LalovaIvet Lalova

Ivet Lalova, born 18 May 1984 in Sofia, Bulgaria is an athlete who specializes in the 100 meter and 200 meter sprint events. Her father, Miroslav Lalov, is one of the best and most famous Bulgarian sprinters. A Bulgarian champion in 1966 he reached 10.4 seconds in 100 meter track-and-field events and 21.9 seconds in the 200 meter events. For sport spectators who watched Miroslav Lalov throughout his athletic career as a competitor realized that the little Ivet was the spitting image of her father. These sports fans maintain the opinion that Ivet has the same soft ankle as her father, which creates the illusion when they run that they are flying. Her mother Lilia Lalova was also an ex-track and field competitor in the heptathlon. At first she was taken with swimming and gymnastics, but gradually over the course of time she was deeply impressed with the ongoing conversations at home about athletics, training and camps. This had a major influence over her life and she decided to begin training for track-and-field atlethics. In 1996, Ivet’s father conceded to her requests and took her to the stadium where he introduced her to Konstantin Milanov - a good friend of their family and trainer of the Levski team. Now they have worked together for 15 years both on the National and Levski teams.

She is the tenth fastest woman in 100 meter history and the fastest white woman in the world that finished fourth in the 100 meters and fifth in the 200 meters at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Her career was interrupted for two years between June 2005 and May 2007 due to a leg injury. She is engaged to the Italian sprinter Simone Collio. Lalova's parents, Miroslav Lalov and Liliya Petrunova, were talented sprinters. Miroslav was the Bulgarian 200 meter champion in 1966. Lalova began competing in swimming and gymnastics at age 10, and soon switched to track and field. She became the Bulgarian Youth champion in the 100 meter competition in 2000, and placed fourth in the 200 meters at the 2001 IAAF World Youth Championships. At the 2003 European Athletics Junior Championships, she won both the 100 meter and 200 meter events. On 19 June 2004 in Plovdiv, Lalova tied Irina Privalova as the sixth fastest woman in 100 meter history, recording a time of 10.77 seconds.

At the 2004 Summer Olympics, she placed 4th overall in the women's 100 meter competition, and 5th in the 200 meters. At the 2005 European Athletics Indoor Championships, she was awarded a gold medal for her time of 22.91 seconds in the 200 meters. On 14 June 2005, Lalova's career was interrupted when she broke her right femur after a collision with another athlete while warming up for the 100 meter sprint at the Athens Super Grand Prix. Lalova was appointed to the European Athletic Association Athletes Commission for 2006–2010 following an election held in August at the 2006 European Athletics Championships. Lalova returned to competitive racing on 29 May 2007, at the Artur Takač Memorial in Belgrade, winning the 100 meter in a time of 11.26 seconds. In August 2007 she reached the quarterfinals of the women's 100 meter sprint at the IAAF World Championship in Osaka but failed to progress, finishing in fifth place with a time of 11.33 seconds.

Fifteen minutes before the start of a tournament in Athens Ivet tried to avoid running into another sprinter while warming up. Due to the speed she was running she recieved a serious fracture of her thigh bone. Lalova was successfully operated on early in the morning on June 15th by the Greek surgery luminary, Doctor Pantelis K. Nikolaou. Because of this serious injury, Lalova passed the rest of the season off the track in 2005, but neither Ivet nor her trainer Koce Milanov lost their spirit and immediately started to work on her rehabilitation and long lasting recuperation. In June 2006, the Bulgarian Olympic Committee awarded her the IOC "Sports and Fair Play" prize for her conduct in the aftermath of the incident, when she declined to seek compensation from her fellow competitor or the event's organizers. The Chairwoman of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Stefka Kostadinova, personally awarded Ivet the prize because she did not cast responsibility for her trauma on the sponsors of the tournament or her fellow athlete.

As a result of the complex surgery there is a 38 centimeter long surgical rod that remains in her leg. It’s situated in the length of the whole thigh bone on her right leg. This was one of the series of obstacles she was able to overcome on her way to recovery. Despite of doctors opinions that this trauma would put an end to her sport career, Ivet returned to track events. Two years after the accident in Greece, Ivet Lalova came back again as a winner. On 29 May 2007, in an international tournament held in Serbia, 714 days after the trauma, in her first official start in a 100 meters this determined sprinter placed first with a run of 11.26 seconds, eliminating Chandra Sturrup and the American sprinter Stephanie Durst. On August 6th, 2011 Ivet became the first Bulgarian to win in the Diamond League series.

At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Lalova was eliminated in the semifinals of the Women's 100 meter, finishing her heat in seventh place with a time of 11.51 seconds, and was eliminated in the second round of the Women's 200 meters. In March 2011 she moved to Italy joining the group of Professor Roberto Bonomi. Later, in 2011 she started her season with 11.08 and 22.66 and after a week won the 100 meter Diamond League event in Oslo with 11.01. After another week she ran the second best time of her career 10.96 during the Balkan Championships in Sliven, Bulgaria.

See more at: www.ivetlalova.com

source: www.wikipedia.org


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