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Anika Morjaria

Anika MorjariaAnika Morjaria, born on May 26th, 1990 in London, England is a travel and lifestyle vlogger currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Previousely she was a television host and personality in Dubai on Ahlans Dubai Life Goes Live televison program.

She has worked with a number of top hotel chains in Dubai like Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa as well as various other companies like Sky Dive Dubai in the adventure sector.

Her aim is to produce exciting and relatable content that entices her audience to venture out and experience these kind of adventure activities for themselves.

Anika has always had a massive passion for health and fitness and works out 5 to 6 days a week and keeps her eating habits under control 90% of the time. Ask her about it and she'll tell you it’s all about moderation!

She has been lucky enough to travel all over the world since she was a child and is always eager to explore the corners of the world she has not yet touched.

Anika feels there is so much to see and she is eager to continue creating content that will inspire more people to get out and travel to see and experience it.

Her YouTube Channel and her blogging require her to do a lot of photography - and although she is not a professional photographer she really enjoys taking photos. Anika uploads many of them onto my instagram (@LiterallyAnika) as well as her Facebook.

Anika MorjariaAnika absolutely loves listening to a good podcast and says she has learned so much from the little old podcast app. She says that if you haven't explored it you should as it’s incredible how much information is available there and especially great if reading isn't your thing!

Another of her favorite things to do in the world is spend a few days an incredible music festival with friends. Some of her favorites have been Glastonbury, Coachella and Bestival.

Although born in London and raised in Dubai she is of Indian ancestry and asked if she'll remain in Dubai she says it is awesome but is open to living wherever opportunity may strike.

She started making videos because she wanted to get into TV hosting. She felt that no company would hire her without any on camera experience so decided to create her own video’s.

If you are a travel blogger, it is probably pretty hard to pick a favourite destination or a project, which is exactly what Anika said.

After much deliberation, she chose Bali as her current favourite. She even threw in a little anecdote about how she crashed and almost lost her drone in the Bali jungle.

She is a brand ambassador for the Royal Caribbean Cruises because the company wanted to break the misconception that cruises are solely for old people.

Anika MorjariaAnika Morjaria was brought onboard to make millennials see that the liner was for them too, through her the adventure-seeking, fun-loving eyes.

Anika is also part of the GoPro family. Getting into it seemed like a piece of cake. They saw what she was doing, they liked it and they invited her in.

Handling and creating content for social media as a paid occupation is still a relatively new prospect which is what Anika loves most about it.

She has the freedom and liberty to mould her content the way she wants in regards to the brand she’s creating for; it lets her be as out there as she wants to be.

"It’s exciting. It keeps me busy. I’m not the type of person who wants to sit behind a desk. I need things to keep changing and switching." says Anika

"I was also extremely nervous in front of the camera but I knew if I could just get comfortable, my personality would eventually come out - therefore I decided to start a YouTube channel."

"I feel like I have really overcome my nerves and fear of the camera. Periscope the LIVE stream app has also helped tremendously with my presenting skills."

"I had started making videos for camera practice. I didn't have an agenda in terms of content and instead of stressing about what that would be I just thought to myself - 'I have zero followers it doesn't matter, let me just start'. So I started and I just made videos about whatever I was interested in."

"At the moment however I am really enjoying creating vlogs. It is amazing to be able to share the city I live in and the things I get to experience whilst traveling."

Anika Morjaria"I use a GoPro Hero5 and my Canon G7X. I had no idea how to edit at the start of 2015 but downloaded Final Cut Pro at the end of February. I basically learnt by watching lots of YouTube videos."

"On my YouTube videos I am happy to promote products or brands I believe in so if anyone is interested in being promoted please send a message to anika@literallyanika.com so we can discuss things in more detail."

Some of those I have worked with are:

- Top ten Live Streamers on Periscope

- Go Pro Ambassador

- Royal Caribbean Ambassador

- Represented by Bareface Dubai

- Content Creation for Tastemade

Anika Morjaria"I live in Dubai where I moved to from the UK in 1998, however over the last few years I have lived between London, Los Angeles and Dubai. I can literally say I have grown up with Dubai's Skyscrapers."

"Although I graduated with a Business Degree I realised the world of travel and entertainment is where my heart is. My love for being in front of the camera and creating content has opened up many opportunities that have allowed me to travel all over the world, present on TV, model and host popular events in the Middle East."

"Over the last year I have been building up my presence on social media with specific content based around my passion for travel, lifestyle & entertainment - some of which you can see on Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube where I create vlogs from all my adventures."

"In 2016 I was lucky enough to work with some incredible brands and am now also an official brand ambassador for GoPro and Royal Caribbean cruise lines."

"I have attended the University Of Manchester in the United Kingdom and Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business in the United States."

"My Bachelors Degree is BSC Honors in International Management with American Business. I speak two languages fluently - English and Gujarati.'

Previousely Anika was a television host and personality in Dubai on Ahlans Dubai Life Goes Live.

Anika Morjaria"I was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse. People with Chinese zodiac Horse zodiac sign like entertainment and large crowds. They are usually popular among friends."

"Their strengths are cleverness, are kind to others, perceptive, and talented. But they can also talk too much and be stubborn. Their lucky numbers are 2, 3, 7, and lucky colors are brown, yellow, purple."

Anika Morjaria’s birth flower is Lily of the Valley. These Lilies express purity of heart, majesty and honor. Her birthstone is Emerald. The Emerald was one of Cleopatra’s favorite gems and it has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love.

Anika Morjaria is a Gemini. People of this zodiac sign like music, books, magazines, chatting, short trips and dislike being alone, repetition and routine.

The strengths of this sign are being gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, able to learn quickly, while weaknesses can be nervous, inconsistent and indecisive. The greatest overall compatibility with Gemini is Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Anika Morjaria has a ruling planet of Mercury. In Astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our mindset. People who are born with Mercury as the ruling planet have communication skills, intellect and cleverness.

"I was daydreaming about Coachella last weekend. I think this was the best Coachella yet. So great seeing old friends, letting loose and running around the fields again."

Anika Morjaria"Hands down it was my favorite weekend of the entire year - haha. Thanks to everyone that made it so special this year. I have been back for about a week now."

"It was definitely THE best time ever indulging, partying, letting loose and going all out crazy for a week but it also feels AWESOME to be back on some sort of a schedule where I’m training and ingesting nutritious whole foods every single day."

"Definitely felt pretty damn sore after my first few workouts but it’s that sort of nice sore - you know that weird muscular soreness that indicates you’ve damaged some muscle tissue but you know it’s a good kinda damage? yeh that one"

"Taking a break can be a great thing as sometimes it allows you to really get after it once you are back. Maybe you’ve had break from working out recently because life’s got in the way or you just fell out of that “zone”.

"Even if you have, so what? - forget about it and remember you can literally change that right now. The weathers getting warmer, summers around the corner and I’m not sure how to make the end of this sentence rhyme but it’s time to get up and get after it peeps!"

"The coolest thing I've done all year I would say was say getting up close and personal with these elephants was definitely one of mine!! They are such amazing creatures and actually very funny to watch."

"If you’re heading to Thailand I would definitely recommend checking out the elephant sanctuarys!"

Anika Morjaria"The one I went to was the Thai Elephant Care Centre where they look after Elephants in need. It was so awesome! Just make sure you avoid anywhere that promotes the tourists riding them!"

"I feel like the only reason I’m ever in a bath is if I’m traveling and they have a nice bath for a photo - haha. Otherwise I’m definitely a shower person. In-get clean-and out - BAM!"

"Baths just take so long to fill up and I sit inside for about 5 minutes and love it and then I get all hot and bored and realise the idea of a bath was a lot more exciting than it actually was to be in the bath."

"So I arrived to @nikkibeachkohsamui on a Sunday - the same day the also have their ‘brunch.” Coincidence...? I think not - haha. This was pre-brunch and I was very excited. I like making my own plate of food because I prefer to just pick out all the healthy stuff and eat only that."

"On a normal menu I always feel like I have to ask for swaps and hate being that person but with a buffet style brunch I can do whatever the hell I want to do. Therefore I’m all about the buffet and really enjoyed that one."

"Anyone here familiar with Fuji film cameras? - I’ve never really got my hands on one, but I just received the XT-100 and I am so excited to play around with it! I guess you could say it’s an amateur pro camera?!"

Anika Morjaria"It’s the type of camera you’d go for if you’re used to using your phone but kind of want to get to grips with a more professional style camera with interchangeable lenses and better quality."

"Its also got a mic input which is great for videos/Youtube! One last thing I like is the articulating screen, which is super useful for vlogging or selfie style shooting."

"Plus it also has a remote app function which is something I definitely need for advanced selfies."

"One of the coolest parts of my stay at the @discoversoneva resort Thailand was that I got to learn about their eco centre."

"Now you might be thinking - okay so what? And to be honest it's not something that I'd jump to go see but when they showed me and explained what they were doing it was actually pretty amazing!"

"The resort re-uses everything from used cooking oil (turning it into bio diesel for fuel) and they even have different ponds and filters to re-cycle water!"

"It was honestly quite incredible to see. They grow everything from vegetables, to chilli, to pineapples, to coffee and even chocolate."

Even the decor within the premises and the structures that were built were all reused items. It was incredible and It would be amazing to see more places implement strategies like this."

Anika Morjaria"I did a vlog on this in case any of you are interested to see more. It's up on my YouTube channel or Facebook page. Just scroll down and you'll find it! - there's a link in my bio."

"I am, and always have been definitely a sneakers kinda girl! I get the urge to wear heels once in a while but I just can't get over how uncomfortable they are. More power to all you girls that can wear them all night and survive!"

"On Christmas Day I was like, okay festive season, I'm doing it. I'm goin' into the closet and the heels are coming out. I started strong, felt good, had everyone make fun of how tall I was and telling me I didn't need them - feet started to hurt, got fed up and I just didn't last. Soz heels. Buh-Bai Felicia."

"Wow - Ronda was amazing! If you stop off in Malaga I would highly suggest renting a car and driving down to Ronda to see this view. You just have to cross the bridge and climb down some stairs. Totally worth it!"

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