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Jilly Sherlock

Jilly SherlockIn her own words world traveller Jilly Sherlock explains the reason she embarked on a solo journey circumnavigating the globe on a bicycle:

"Being a notoriously unlucky flyer - hijacked, volcanic ash victim, aborted landings, cancellations, not booked on flights, wheels falling off planes, struck by lightening - and also being a non-driver I thought it would be an idea to head off east on my bicycle...

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Jilly Sherlock is not the stereo-typical British woman of generations past with the typical stereocast of a staid conservative demeanor with class consciousness, a proper accent and family estate in the British countryside. She is a gutsy woman who decided to bicycle from the UK across Europe through the Black Sea region of Turkey into Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and across China. Then on to southeast Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Of course, she did not pedal to New Zealand, but she and her bicycle managed to arrive there.

Jilly SherlockFrom there it was off to the southernmost location on the South American continent in Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and is now in Chile - as of April 2013 - again not by the aid of special marine bicycle accessories, but likely by loading all her kit on an aeroplane and flying there.

In only allowing herself 5 GBP per day on which to sustain her travels means there are no hotels or even second-rate restaurants included in her travel itinerary. She sleeps in a tent just off the road or at times in the homes of friendly families along the way.

On the 14th of June 2011 Jilly arrived at the Bosphorus in Istanbul after 4,596.5 kilometers of cycling from the UK. She smiled as she cycled past Dolmabhce Palace with warm memories of 2 months hitchhiking in Turkey. The delights of the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sofia, the Grand Bazaar and drinking Turkish cay (English: tea) with carpet sellers. The hospitality of the people who had let her travel in their cars, on their tractors and in their trucks and being invited into their homes to feast on kofte, dolma and other Turkish culinary delights. The cool arid climate and surreal landscape of Cappadocia, the stunning coastline of the south and west still relatively unspoiled, clambering on the travertine basins of Pammukale and bathing in hotsprings.

Jilly SherlockLast time she had arrived in Turkey was by bus overland from northern Greece after having hitchhiked around Israel, taking a 3 day boat trip to Athens, sleeping on beaches and people's rooftops doing barwork on a Greek island to fund her travels in Turkey. Her return to the vibrant city of Istanbul was particularly sweet as this time she had reached this city by pedal power from the UK completing Leg 1 of her journey.

This time Jilly's final destination was to be China but her bicycle has taken her through Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan after traveling the Black Sea coast of Turkey. After arriving in China she was off to southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand. Now on the southern end of the South American continent she has pedaled out of Argentina and is now in Chile. You can follow Jilly through her website at: sherlocktales.blogspot.com where you can also hook up with her on Twitter for tweets and photos from the road. And it would be a nice idea to click on the Donate button on her website and buy her lunch and a cold beer to wish her well on her travels.

Jilly is now back in the UK embarked on a new adventure in the heart of the Lake District National Park. Read all about it at: www.basecamptipi.co.uk

Jilly Sherlock

Read about her round the world adventure at her blog at:sherlocktales.blogspot.com

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