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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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Ataturk AirportIstanbul Atatürk Airport

Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IATA: IST, ICAO: LTBA) (Turkish: İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı) is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey followed by Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. Opened in 1924 and located in Yeşilköy, on the European side of the city, it is 24 kilometers west of the city centre. In 1980, the airport was renamed to Atatürk International Airport in honor of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and the first president of the Republic of Turkey.

Amasya Merzifon AirportAmasya Merzifon Airport

Amasya Merzifon Airport (IATA: MZH, ICAO: LTAP) is a military airport located in the city of Merzifon in the Amasya Province of Turkey in the Black Sea Region. Merzifon is the 5th Air Wing (Ana Jet Üs or AJÜ) of the 2nd Air Force Command (Turkish: Hava Kuvvet Komutanligi) of the Turkish Air Force (Turkish: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri). Scheduled domestic flights by Turkish Airlines offer flights to Istanbul-Atatürk Airport and beginning in April of 2013 flights to Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen Airport via Pegasus Airlines.

Zonguldak AirportZonguldak Çaycumak Airport

Zonguldak Çaycumak Airport (IATA: ONQ, ICAO: LTAS) is an airport near the city of Zonguldak in the western Black Sea region of Turkey. It is situated close to the town of Saltukova. Flights to Düsseldorf by Germania Airlines and to Trabzon and Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen by Borajet Airlines.

Trabzon AirportTrabzon Airport

Trabzon Airport (IATA: TZX, ICAO: LTCG) is an airport near the city of Trabzon in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. In 2009, it served 1,596,905 passengers, of which 95% were on domestic routes. In 2009, Trabzon Airport ranked 9th in terms of total passenger traffic, and 7th in terms of domestic traffic among airports in Turkey.

Samsun-Çarşamba AirportSamsun-Çarşamba Airport

Samsun-Çarşamba Airport (IATA: SZF, ICAO: LTFH) (Turkish: Samsun-Çarşamba Havaalanı) is a public airport in Samsun, Turkey. Opened in 1998, it is 23 km from Samsun. The passenger terminal of the airport covers an area of 4,725 m² and has a parking lot for 246 cars.

Kocaeli Cengiz Topel AirportKocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport

Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station (Turkish: Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Deniz Hava Üssü) (IATA: KCO, ICAO: LTBQ) is a Turkish Navy air station located east of İzmit in Kocaeli Province, Turkey. The airport is in joint use for military and civil. Borajet Airlines offers flights to Antalya, Bodrum, Trabzon and Izmir.

Sinop AirportSinop Airport

Sinop Airport (IATA: NOP, ICAO: LTCM) is an airport in Sinop, Turkey. The airport will be closed from 01/01/2013 to 09/30/2013. When open Turkish Airlines has daily flights from Istanbul. The old runway of the airport was previously used by the US military base in Sinop. The IATA code has changed from SIC to NOP.

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