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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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Cuisine of Black Sea region

Asitane Restaurant

Asitane Restaurant is located in Edirnekapi, considered by many to be one of the most important areas of historical Istanbul. The restaurant lies in the shadow of the mighty Chora Church which is famous for its mosaics and is one of the most important and well kept buildings of the Byzantine era. Located high up in the foot hills overlooking the Golden Horn, Asitane opened its doors in 1991, together with the Kariye Hotel, now a restored 19th century traditional Ottoman mansion. The current menu features dishes originally prepared for the sumptuous celebration feast given for Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent's two sons, Bayezid II and Þah Cihangir, at Edirne Palace in November 1539. The restaurant periodically has themed weeks such as "The Age of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror", "Ottoman Aphrodisiacs", "Fish and Seafood Ottoman Style"as part of its mission to introduce the tastes of a bygone era to all.

Phone: +90 212 635 79 97
FAX: +90 212 521 66 31
Web: www.asitanerestaurant.com
Address: Kariye Camii Sokak No: 6 34240 Edirnekapi, Istanbul - Turkey

Konyalı Topkapı Sarayı Lokantası

Konyali Restaurant, located at the Topkapi Palace museum, went into operation in 1967. Since its inception, many local and foreign statesmen, Emperors, Kings, Queens and celebrities have been hosted at Konyali Restaurant. The cuisine is traditional Turkish such as buttermilk soup, lamb, stuffed lamb, and olive oil are just a few of the options of Turkish cuisine. There are also an abundance of rich flavors from the dessert menu offering a wide selection. Open every day except Tuesday from 08:30 to 16:30. They have served Turkish cuisine of the historic past and wide geographic-specific dishes for 40 years. Some of the specialties of the house are their börek, the slow-cooked tandir lamb, and orange baklava. Konyali recently opened a second location at the Kanyon shopping center in Levent.

Phone: +90 212 513 96 96
FAX: +90 212 519 04 52
Web: www.konyalilokantasi.com
Address: Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Sultanahmet - İstanbul - Turkey

Yesil Ev

The historic Yesil Ev fell into neglect and dilapidation and was up for sale. The old wooden building was so far beyond repair that, with the consent of the Commission for Ancient Monuments, it was demolished and rebuilt. Nineteen hotel rooms and the layout were carefully preserved and the exterior remade as an exact replica. After the opening of this unique building in March 1984, as the Yesil Ev, it very quickly attained a world-wide reputation and was awarded in 1985 the medal for the year by Europa Nostra for its modern standards with historical style. Yesil Ev restaurant takes full advantage ,in the summertime, of the luxurious setting provided by the enclosed garden and grand fountain. The Ottoman/French menu includes a decent duck à l'orange. The indoor restaurant in the lobby with its 19th century mansion style decoration and capacity of 80 people serves the guests during the winter time.

Phone: +90 212 517 67 85
FAX: +90 212 517 67 80
Web: www.yesilev.com.tr
Address: Kabasakal Cad. 5, Sultanhamet - İstanbul - Turkey

Haci Abdullah

Haci Abdullah Restaurant is a great symbol of Beyoğlu’s history, and the Ottoman hospitality still survives there. Visiting Beyoğlu but not dropping by Haci Abdullah is not just missing something but even beyond this - it means you did not really pass through Beyoğlu. Because Haci Abdullah helps to remember the forgotten values with its place, cuisine, food and service. Politicians, businessmen, families, and out-of-towners have been coming to Istanbul's first licensed restaurant for over a century. The recipes reflect the best of traditional Turkish cuisine, serving substantial stews, whole artichokes baked with vegetables in olive oil, and their signature dish, lamb shank with eggplant. No alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Phone: +90 212 293 85 61
FAX: +90 212 244 32 97
Web: www.haciabdullah.com.tr
Address: Ağa Camii, Atıf Yılmaz Cad. (Sakızagacı Cad.)
No: 9/A 80070 - Beyoğlu / İstanbul - Turkey


The founder of Çiya, Musa Daðdeviren, was born in 1960, in Nizip, Gaziantep in Turkey. Çiya Kebap was established in 1987 in Kadýköy as a modest restaurant of kebap, lahmacun and pide. Musa started his professional life as a specialist on baking. Çiya is located in the Fish Market district of Kadiköy, where one's path will definitely be drawn to one of these establishments . The cache of culinary knowledge at Çiya which quite honestly comes from the hands of its creators or "culinary engineers"; Zeynep and Musa who make it all possible. The creators, will take you for a journey in their kitchen. Rich in "dishes from a broad geographical space, spanning from Mesopotamia to the Ottomans, from the Balkans to the Caucasus and from Asia to the Arabian Peninsula."

Phone: +90 216 336 30 13
FAX: +90 216 349 19 02
Web: www.ciya.com.tr
Address: Caferaga Mah. Güneslibahce Sk. 48/B Kadiköy - Istanbul - Turkey

Marimar Restaurant

Entering Ağva from the coast road, the Marimar Restaurant is a family establishment that is located in green nature and only 200 meters from the beach. There is an indoor restaurant with a 80 person capacity and the outdoor garden boosts that to a 150 person capacity. You can find fresh fish such as gilt head bream, sea bass and grilled meats, special manti, gozleme and breakfasts. There are also some activities like live music, trekking, hammocks, childrens playground, backgammon and football.

Phone: +90 216 721 74 92
Mobile: +90 537 644 90 98
Web: www.agvam.com
Address: Agva Kurfalli Yolu No:7/9 Agva - Sile

Faroz Köfte

Faroz Köfte is a köfteci along the beach road in Trabzon that serves not only meatballs (Turkish: köfte), but fish (Turkish: balik), chicken (Turkish: tavuk), and other types of meat (Turkish: et). Fresh food in a modern clean restaurant that is served attractively by friendly staff.

Phone: +90 462 229 90 20
Web: www.farozkofte.com.tr
Address: Yalı Mah. Merkez - Trabzon

Cephanelik Restaurant & Cafe

Located in the historic stone 4 story arsenal tower of Trabzon the Cephanelik Restaurant & Cafe serves local and international cuisine at a 26 acre luxury location along with open-air concerts and private dinner parties with a capacity of 1000 people. Indoor and outdoor rooms are designed for special meetings, partys and banquets where examples of Turkish and international cuisine can be offered. There is also a weekend buffet breakfast and a bistro menu and dining in an isolated location with private dining and garden meeting rooms.

Phone: +90 462 323 02 61
E-mail: info@cephanelik.com.tr
Web: www.cephanelik.com.tr
Address: Yenicuma mah. - arsenal of Trabzon - Trabzon

Çevrikköprü Restaurant

Çevrikköprü Restaurant serves delicious food and is a good dining experience in it's upper salons. Located just near the Safranbolu town square right beside the Cinci Hamami. The restaurant has 3 different locations in Safranbolu and offers a variety of grills and traditional Turkish cuisine.

Phone: +90 370 725 42 33
E-mail: n/a
Web: n/a
Address: Çarşı Meydanı Eski Çarşı Safranbolu Merkez, Safranbolu

Riverside Club

Riverside Club is a restaurant and bar in Sile where you can dine outdoors at their Wharf Restaurant or indoors by a fireplace. Delicious olive oil based dishes, fish and chicken and a good open buffet by the river. After dining guests can stop by their Jazz Bar where they can listen to jazz, pop, classical or rock music.

Phone: +90 216 721 71 36
E-mail: n/a
Web: n/a
Address : Yakuplu Mah. No: 142, Agva/Sile, Turkey - 34990

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