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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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Kıyıköy - TurkeyKıyıköy
Kıyıköy is a town of the district of Vize in Kırklareli Province in northwestern Turkey. It is situated on the coast of the Black Sea. Fishing and forestry are the main source of livelyhood in addition to the tourism during the summer. The town has a small beach with the area surrounding the town in the Yıldız Mountains covered by dense forests of mainly oak trees where the only naturally growing grove of black pine (Pinus nigra) in the European part of Turkey is to be found. Two rivers, Kazandere and Pabuçdere, surround the town to the south and to the north flowing into the Black Sea. These clean and unpolluted rivers are suitable for fishing, boating and swimming. The Kasatura Bay Nature Reserve Area is 18 kilomters south of the town along the Black Sea coastline.

Kıyıköy is a fishing village about 2 hours from Istanbul on the Black Sea Coast of Turkey containing several beaches such as Municipal and Harbor Beaches. It is a perfect holiday resort destination for nature lovers, boating affecionados, trekkers and other holiday guests. Kıyıköy Cave, Aya Nikola Monastery, the Kıyıköy Castle and Kasatura Bay Nature Preserve are nearby Kıyıköy is centered in nature with green and blue in every vista and makes for a needed respite far from the metropolitan noise and hassle of modern cities to a fishing vacation where you can calmly unwind and relax. Kıyıköy its proximity to Istanbul makes the historic ruins, beaches and nature of Kıyıköy indispensable to the residents of the city. Known as Salmydessos and Medea in antiquity, Kıyıköy is now known as a Black Sea holiday resort that exhibits its past while offering the present day visitor great hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars in which they can relax.

Lodging is available at the marina at the Marina Konaklama. A modern lodge with large rooms, terraces and balconies, orthopedic beds, parquet floors. Accommodation includes 75 square meters of space for guests, a glazed in cafe-bar restaurant with a capacity of 60 people as well as a fully open sun terrace. The accommodation is on a bed and breakfast basis. Marina Konaklama is located 800 meters by car from the beach and a 2 minute walk to Kıyıköy center can be made in 8 minutes.


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