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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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Bartin - TurkeyBartin
Bartin is situated 80 kilometers east of Zonguldak in Bartin province on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Bartin contains beautiful timbered houses, hosts strawberry festivals in springtime and has the remains of an ancient Roman road. The name of Bartin in antiquity was Parthenion - a reference to the virgin goddess Athena. The Bartin River passes through the city and boat trips where you can catch a glimpse of its beautiful surroundings. The city also has beaches of good quality. Nearby Inkum is a gorgeous setting containing a holiday resort village on a sandy beach with other tourist facilities. The coast of Inkum is 15 kilometers from the city center of Bartin to the north. It is a unique tourism attraction with a beach whose length is 3 kilometers edged with green pine forests and its hotels, pensions and restaurants cater to tourists. Foreign and domestic tourists are attracted by Bartin because of its natural beauty and its clean waters. The residents of Bartin need not be miserable and book pensions on the Mediterranean coast like other people. They will not be stuck in the traffic jam and wait for hours like the residents of large cities. People in Bartin at times say that there is too much concrete, but can still go to Inkum where it is clean and beautiful. To the northwest of Bartin are the towns of Mugadar and Guzelcihişar where other splendid beaches can be found. Çakraz, is a nearby fishing village which has an excellent beach, friendly accommodation and restaurants. The winding road between Çakraz and Inebolu climbs steep mountainsides and offers a spectacular panoramic view. Erythinoi are ancient ruins near Çakraz which are located within the borders of Bartın Province. Immediately following Çakraz is the town of Kurucaşile, known for its manufacture of fishing boats.

Kurucaşile is a sleepy little town known for its superior boat-building. It has a large and clean fishing harbour located 16 nautical miles north-east of Amasra where visiting yachtsmen are always warmly welcomed. Kurucaşile has a castle, two churches and a seclusion cave inside the city. Parts of the old city like the forum, theatre, acropolis and the necropolis are below the ground. Kurucaşile is believed to be the place where the first Turkish boat was built and continues to this day to build the most beautiful schooners in Turkey. Kurucaşile is the only port in the Black Sea region that continues the this tradition of wooden boat building. Practically every house in town has a miniature shipyard located underneath it. The area around Kurucaşile features numerous beaches and Kapisu Beach is one of them. If you continue on the road heading east from Kurucaşile, you will be faced with numerous coves like Gideros Port which is located 15 kilometers distant. İnkumu, Amasra, Çakraz, Kızılkum, Mogada, Güzelcehişar and Bozköy beaches are the important beaches of not only the province but also of the western Black Sea Region.

Küre Mountain National Park lies between Kastamonu and Bartin in the western Black Sea Region. The closest large town is Zonguldak to the west, and the park is off the coastal road running westward toward Bartin. Küre Mountain National Park has a vast variety of flora and fauna, but is also one of the places least affected by industrialisation. Around the area are the Azdavay, Pinarbaşi, Ulus, Bartin, Kurucaşile, Amasra and Cide districts. The main animal species found here are deer, bears, wolves, foxes, jackals, rabbits, wild boar, numerous species of birds and reptiles. Recommended places to visit are the Ilica Waterfalls, Valla Canyon, Aydos Canyon, and Ilgarini Cave. While in the park be aware that there is not an administrative building and no facilities are available for visitors. Another point of interest is Gurcuoyum Cave. The cave is located at the Ovacik quarter of Karakacak Village in the Amasra district 32 kilometers from Bartın. Following the road turning to the south at the Cakraz-Bozkoy road, take a walk of 3 to 4 kilometers. Inside of the forest and on a track is the necessary path after passing the Konuklar quarter of Karakacak Village.


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