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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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Ayancık - TurkeyAyancık
The average daily temperature in and around Ayancık each year and the large number of sunny days for summer tourism make the most suitable months for visiting to be in July, June, August and September. The district is a very diverse region as its wildlife shows. Due to the region's forests, wildlife is abundant - especially deer, roe deer, wolf, fox, coyote, bear, rabbit and wild boar inhabit the mountainous inland areas around the Ayancık area. This coastal strip is excellent in terms of benefiting from the sea, as tourism facilities are now being constructed. Facilities such as the Ayancık Apart Hotel and a 200-person capacity hotel with private terrace with bar service and the Nezgep Restaurant and the Karahan Hotel Restaurant and Bar. The Omer Seyfettin Yali Street District Hotel has been serving tourism with a 40-bed capacity as well as the Sarıoğlu Republic Square Hotel with 18 beds.

The area 1.5 km west of the city from the mud and dark Red Crescent Beach belonging to the camp-site is preferred by families with children and young people. Located to the west is Swan Mansion Holiday Village where visitors can take advantage of both the sea and the forest in a suitable environment for those who want to spend a peaceful holiday. Kastamonu is reached by road via 17 kilometers of gravel road leaving Ayancık. Babaçay Canyon is a fascinating place to go for nature walks, especially in the spring and autumn. İnaltı is reached in a canyon about 500 meters from the village of Akgöl which is a 6 kilometer drive from the town of Ayancık. Cave İnaltı opened by the Provincial Ministry of Tourism at the end of l995 afterwards came the lighting of the cave in 2001 with electric transmission line, landscaping and road works were completed. Cave hiking trails within the project were prepared and the cave was opened to public. Nearby is Ayancık'ın is one of the most beautiful recreation areas, Mount Çangal (Turkish: Çangal Dağı) with its cool pine forests, colorful flowers and fresh air - the features of the region. There is a separate beauty of the season here in yaylasıda Akgöl almaktadır. On a road south of the town of Kastamonu 31 kilometers to Ayancık an onto Akgöl at 1200 meters in elevation. Flowing through the fir forests, often formed by combining two of the tea Surrounding the lake covers an area of approximately 3 acres. There is a hotel facility next to the lake run by the Forestry Service. The lake is suitable for daily picnics and there are grill areas around the picnic tables located within the forest. In the surrounding forests there are wild boar, bear, wolf, coyote and rabbits. To Akgöl a 5 kilometer long road is taken to reach the parking area where the correct way to İnaltı Cave continues from there. Trout farms are located on this road to the İnaltı Cave safari and are available for visits. The exotic looking Copper-Aksu Waterfalls are 27 kilometers away from Ayancık.

At the turn of the century in the early 1900's a few wooden houses for trades people, mostly Greek Cypriots, formed part of the early timber trade on a small scale. Transportation and boats provided the economy like a typical town of Anatolia. The richness of the forest was discovered by the Belgians and a timber factory was started in this small town in 1926 and the history of Ayancık was changed. Ayancık social life was changed by the establishment of sawmills the Belgians rapidly developed in Ayancık. Belgian schools would see the teaching of their children with Turkish children from a school curriculum that was very modern. The population affected by the foreigners during the establishment and operation of the sawmills meant the district evolved rapidly. Ayancık first applied in the early 1930s, French and Italian fashions, that then you could pick up in Istanbul and other major cities. There have been other major advances in the fields of education and sports training that came out of this period in Ayancık. A Community Center was founded in 1936 Ayancık by Baha Bey, the Ayancık Public Building was built, the theater built and Turkey's first tennis court as well as football, volleyball, basketball courts also had been established.


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