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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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Akçakoca - TurkeyAkçakoca
Akçakoca is both a town and district of Düzce Province, in the Black Sea region of Turkey, located about 200 kilometers east of Istanbul. The town was named after a Turkish chieftain of the 14th century CE who captured the area for the Ottoman Empire, and displays a statue in his honor. The town features a modern mosque of unusual design. Major visitor attractions include the beaches and the ancient ruins of a small castle. Tourism has been a part of Akçakoca since 1948 when initially, visitors from Ankara came to spend time with these families of the sea and sand to enjoy the unique beauty and breathtaking nature in Akçakoca. Akçakoca is situated in the north of the western Black Sea region and is the Duzce Province largest district. The Melen River is to the west flowing to the east and ends at the Karatas River which continues to its final destination at the sea. Zonguldak Province is to the east. It is quite easy to reach Akçakoca from İstanbul and Ankara because the Bolu Mountain tunnel has been completed. Akçakoca is 2 1/2 to 3 hours from both İstanbul and Ankara. Just take the Istanbul-Ankara motorway to reach Akçakoca. You can exit the motorway at Düzce and take the old Ankara-Istanbul route which will take you to Düzce. At the entrance of the Düzce city center there is a junction where you have to take the road to the north marked Akçakoca. After driving for 38 kilometers on an asphalt road among greenery you will arrive. Bus companies that have services to Akçakoca are, Üstün Erçelik, As Turizm and Düzce Aydın Seyahat. It is a nice respite from the city because life is harmonious with nature in Akçakoca and far away from the stress, noise and chaos of urban living.

Where to visit in Akçakoca? A Genoese Castle is only 3 kilometers from the city center with great views, picnic and recreation areas, and a blue flag beach. Aktas Falls is 9 kilometers from Akçakoca and 2 kilomters from the car park area and can be reached on foot. Fakıllı Cave has in recent years become a popular destination. Fakıllı Cave is in the village of Fakıllı. It can be reached from the Fakıllı village square where you leave your car just past the mosque and and a local coffee house. Then walk along following the crude sign on the right. When you arrive at the entrance to the cave you will find an electric switch that turns the lights on inside the cave. There are no officials guarding the cave or collecting entry fees. Once in the cave you have to walk over an uneven ground while bending your head, kneeling down and duckwalking from chamber to chamber. Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and a part known as the White Chamber are exceptionally remarkable. Other points of interest are the Mosque and Tomb of Evliya Ahmet Dede and the Mehmet Arif Mansion. Many of the neighbourhood houses have been restored due to their special architecture and are worth seeing. Kaplan Dede Mausoleum, the Tomb of Eren, Koçbaba Tomb, Rabbit Dede Mausoleum, the Tomb of Kalpakcıbaşı, Yesh Efendi Mausoleum and the tomb of Kara Ahmet are also of interest. Also in Akçakoca visitors can see shrines, Mosques and Dervish lodges. The shrines of Koçbaba Convent, Convent Hadımhoca and Kalpakcılar Convent and Mosques like Mosque Cumayerı, Korfar Mosque, the Up - Down Mosque, Kapıkulu Mosque, Faryanı Mosque, Kızlarağa Mosque. ...

Koroğlu is the name given to the beach situated 7 kilometers from Akçakoca on the road to Eregli at a place called Çayağzı, Kumpınar in front of the village of Akkaya. The sea here is fairly shallow with a lush forest extending inland right behind the beach. At Karaburun village are beautiful sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see with camping sites running parallel to them serviced by garden restaurants that serve the usual excellent Turkish food for reasonable prices. There are picnic areas under the shades of huge trees in this area where you can enjoy your meal. Cumayerı - a picnic area in the remnant of an old bathhouse is 3 kilometers north of the city center where you can enjoy a picnic among traditional houses with hazelnut gardens under the shade of a plane tree. Melenağzı Village is just 13 kilometers from the Akçakoca city center and it is a village where the people earn their living from fisheries. Melenağzı is situated where the Melen River flows into the Black Sea. Melenağzı is natural seaport for their fishing boats on a beautiful little harbor. On the road from Düzce to Akçakoca is a place known as Health Giving Water on the side of the road where there running water spouts. People believe that by drinking this water you can regain your health because the water is said to have healing qualities.

The climate is wet supporting lush vegetation along the 30 kilometers of coastline at Akçakoca. The area is adorned with hazelnut plantations, natural forests with Beech, Hornbeam, Chestnut, Linden and Oak being the most common tree species. The greatest source of livelihood for Akçakoca is the fishery and hazelnuts. In 1877 during the Russian - Ottoman War the eastern Black Sea region was populated by immigrants and their first crop was hazelnuts. 750 mm rainfall was needed to grow hazelnuts and Akçakoca recieves about 1000 mm which is an amount of rainfall favorable for growing hazelnuts. Among the marine life that supports fishing are Bass, Mackerel, Kıraça, Bluefish, Sarukanat, Blue Fish, Bonito, Whiting, Anchovy, Zargana, Turbot, Red Mullet and Taşbalığı. At many of the restaurants, hotels and pensions visitors have a chance to eat these fresh fish as well as trout from fishery farms.


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