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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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Akçaabat - TurkeyAkçaabat
Akçaabat is a town and district of Trabzon Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is located on the east of the city of Trabzon. It covers an area of 385 km² and the elevation is 10 meters and this coastal town is famous for its local soccer team Akçaabat Sebatspor, its traditional dish of Akçaabat Köftesi and its unique dance of Akçaabat Horonu. Akçaabat has hosted an international folklore festival since 1990, and it was a venue for the archery and athletics competitions of the First Black Sea Games held in 2007. Founded as a trade colony of Miletos around the 7th century BC, the town came under Persian rule around the 6th century BC. After a brief rule under Alexander the Great, Akçaabat was incorporated into the Pontus Empire established by the son of a former Persian satrap, Mithridates around 3rd century BC. After the dissolution of the Pontus Empire around 60 BC, the Romans took control of the region surrounding Trabzon. Serving as a natural port for Trabzon, Akçaabat was one of the important towns of eastern Black Sea region, and thus Pontus region of the Roman Empire. During the centuries of Ottoman rule, Akçaabat remained the main and most important town center of Trabzon after the city of Trabzon itself. In 1810 the Russian Navy landed troops on Akçaabat's shores around Salacik where the defense of the townspeople repulsed the Russian landing after several of days. After the establishment of Akçaabat municipality in 1880, Akçaabat officially gained the status of "town" according to the municipal and administrative reform of 1884 which reorganized the administrative structure in the provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

During the First World War, Tsarist Russian armies occupied Akçaabat on 20 April 1916. As the Russian forces withdrew after the Russian Revolution, Ottoman forces recaptured Akçaabat on 17 February 1918. After the establishment of Turkish Republic in 1923, Akçaabat was designated as one of the towns of the city of Trabzon according to the new administrative organization. Akçaabat has remained as the biggest town of Trabzon until today. Until 1980s Akcaabat did not witness major changes in its natural and social composition despite being the closest town to Trabzon city center, however, with the return of the German Turks to their hometowns and the flow of rural population to the town center, the composition of the town center changed. The population of the town skyrocketed from 15,000 in 1980s to 50,000 in 2008. The unique old-style houses (Turksih: Akçaabat evleri) were replaced by huge apartment blocks, the sea has being constantly filled in order to gain land to meet rising demand for expansion of inter-city roads and recreational lands. The dissolution of the Soviet Republic in 1990 brought the influx of former Soviet Republic citizens who mainly involved in small trades and sex tourism, and this brought major changes in social composition. Added to this, the flood of June 1990, which claimed the lives of dozens of people and lots of material damage necessitated the rebuilding of the town. Today, Akçaabat is one of the most densely populated towns on the Black Sea coast.


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