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Turkish Black Sea Coast

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About Black Sea

The Black Sea Region (Turkish: Karadeniz Bölgesi) is bordered by the Marmara Region on the west, the Central Anatolia Region to the south, the Eastern Anatolia Region to the southeast, the Republic of Georgia to the northeast, and the Black Sea directly to the north. The Black Sea region has an oceanic climate with a large amount of evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. Along this coast the summers are warm and humid, and the winters are cool and damp. The Black Sea coast receives the greatest amount of precipitation in the country and is the only region of Turkey that receives large amounts of precipitation throughout the year. Snowfall is quite common between the months of December and March and it can be rather heavy when it does snow. The water temperature along the entire Turkish Black Sea coast is always fairly cool and fluctuates between 8°C and 20°C throughout the year. The provinces of the Black Sea Region of Turkey are an excellent diversion for tourists that become overheated in the tourist resorts of the south coast of Turkey during the height of the summer. With rich flora and fauna, dense pine forests, crater lakes, waterfalls, big rivers, small streams, mountain and nature trekking, rafting, canoe and winter sports as well as hunting and fishing, the Black Sea Region can be a welcome respite from the high temperatures on the south coast of Turkey.

amasya provinceAmasya Province

The provincial capital is Amasya, the antique Amaseia mentioned in documents from the era of Alexander the Great and the birthplace of the geographer and historian Strabo. In Ottoman times Amasya was well known for its madrassas, especially as a centre for the Khalwati Sufi order. Amasya, between the Black Sea and inner Anatolia, lies at the centre of a region of fertile plains crossed by the Yeşilırmak, Çekerek, and Tersakan rivers.Despite being near the Black Sea Amasya is at a high altitude and has a dry climate with hot summers and cold winters. Amasya is an agricultural province known as the best apple growing province in the country, and also producing tobacco, peaches, cherries and okra.

artvin provinceArtvin Province

The provincial capital is the city of Artvin. Artvin is an attractive area of steep valleys carved by the Çoruh River system, surrounded by high mountains of Kaçkar, Karçal and Yalnızçam - up to 3900 meters and forest with much national parkland including the Karagöl-Sahara, which contains the Şavşat and Borçka lakes. The weather in Artvin is very wet and mild at the coast, and as a result is heavily forested. This greenery runs from the top all the way down to the Black Sea coast. The rain turns to snow at higher altitudes, and the peaks are very cold in winter.

bartin provinceBartın Province

Bartın Province is divided into 4 districts with the town of Bartın the provincial capital. Bartın Province (Turkish: Bartın ili) is a small province in northern Turkey on the Black Sea, surrounding the city of Bartın. It is to the east from Zonguldak Province. The town of Bartın contains a number of very old wooden houses which are no longer extant in other places. In Bartın province is the ancient port town of Amasra (Amastris). This town is on two small fortified islands and contains many interesting old buildings and restaurants.

bayburt provinceBayburt Province

Bayburt Province (Turkish: Bayburt ili) is a province in the north-east of Turkey. Population of the province is 74,412 and total area is 3,652 km². The capital city is Bayburt. Bayburt is traversed by the northeasterly line of equal latitude and longitude. Bayburt province is divided into 3 districts: Aydıntepe, Bayburt and Demirözü. places of interest are Bayburt Tower, Saruhan Tower, Aydıntepe underground town, the Mausoleum of Dede Korkut, the Mausoleum of Şehit Osman, Ulu Mosque, Pulur (Gökçedere) Ferahşat Bey Mosque, Sünür (Çayıryolu) Kutlu Bey Mosque and Yukarı Hınzeverek (Çatalçeşme) Mosque.

bolu provinceBolu Province

Bolu Province (Turkish: Bolu ili) is a province in northwestern Turkey. This is an attractive forested mountain district centred on the city of Bolu, which has a long history. There is plenty of forest but little agricultural land. There is some garden produce and dairy production including good cheeses and cream. Bolu Mountain is the major topographical obstacle on the Istanbul-Ankara highway, and until 2007, when the Bolu Mountain Tunnel was opened, most travellers stopped there for food and refreshment. Bolu has a long tradition of high quality cuisine and annual cookery competitions are held in Mengen.

corum provinceÇorum Province

Çorum (Turkish: Çorum İli) is a province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, but lying inland and having more characteristics of Central Anatolia than the Black Sea coast. With important archaeological sites dating back to 5,000 years and a unique natural beauty, Çorum is attractive to visitors. The province of Çorum is a mixture of mountains and high plateaus, some of it watered by the Kızılırmak and Yeşilırmak rivers. The province includes much attractive high meadow and mountain for walking and excursions from the city and towns.

duzce provinceDüzce Province

Düzce Province (Turkish: Düzce ili) is a province in northwestern Turkey. It is on the coastline of the Black Sea and is traversed by the main highway between Istanbul and Ankara. The capital of the province is Düzce. There are ancient Greek ruins in the province. Düzce broke off from Bolu province and became a province in its own right after a devastating earthquake in the city in November 1999. Inside Turkey, it came to be called as "the United Nations of Turkey" since its inhabitants have very diverse ethnic backgrounds: Turks, Circassians, Abkhazians, Chveneburi, Laz, Roma, immigrants from the Balkans and lately some Kurds and Zazas. Düzce province is divided into 8 districts

giresun provinceGiresun Province

Giresun Province (Turkish: Giresun ili) is a province of Turkey on the Black Sea coast. Its adjacent provinces are Trabzon to the east, Gümüşhane to the south-west, Erzincan to the south, Sivas to the south-east, and Ordu to the west. The provincial capital is Giresun. Giresun is an agricultural region of great natural beauty, especially in the highlands. The lower areas near the Black Sea coast are Turkey's largest producer of hazelnuts. The higher mountain areas are forest and pasture and in places there is mining of copper, zinc, iron and other metals. The mountain villages are remote, with poor roads and little else in the way of infrastructure.

gumushane provinceGümüşhane Province

Gümüşhane Province (Turkish: Gümüşhane ili ) is a province in northern Turkey, bordering Bayburt to the east, Trabzon to the north, Giresun and Erzincan to the west. The name Gümüşhane means silver house. The city has a rich mining (silver and bronze) history and was the source of exports for Trabzon. Gümüşhane is surrounded by high mountains, Zigana-Trabzon Mountains to the north, Çimen Mountains to the south, Giresun Mountains to the west and Pulur, Soğanlı Mountains to the east. Trekking is popular sport is at these mountains. The Zigana Mountain has a ski center on it and it is a well known for winter sports.

karabuk provinceKarabük Province

Karabük Province (Turkish: Karabük ili ) is a landlocked province in the northern part of Anatolia, located about 200 kilometers north of Ankara, 115 kilometers away from Zonguldak and 113 kilometers away from Kastamonu. The capital is Karabük which is located about 100 kilometers south of the Black Sea coast. Karabük Province is one of the newest provinces of Turkey. Until 1995 it was a district of Zonguldak, when it became an il (provincial center) in its own right. Established in 1995, it comprises Karabük, Eflani, Safranbolu and Yenice districts which were formerly part of Zonguldak Province and Eskipazar and Ovacık districts which were previously part of Çankırı Province.

kastamonu provinceKastamonu Province

Kastamonu Province (Turkish: Kastamonu ili) is one of the provinces of Turkey, in the Black Sea region, to the north of the country. It is surrounded by Sinop to the east, Bartın and Karabük to the west, Çankırı to the south, Çorum to the south east and the Black Sea to the north. The province is mostly covered with forests, thanks to the mild Black Sea climate. The Ilgaz National Park where a micro-climate dominates due to the mountainous terrain and numerous streams is 63 kilometers south of the province capital of Kastamonu. There is also a ski-center with accommodation facilities located near the park. Ilgaz Mountain at 2587 meters dominates the south of the province where hiking and whitewater rafting is possible at the Ilgaz River.

ordu provinceOrdu Province

Ordu Province (Turkish: Ordu ili) is a province of Turkey, located on the Black Sea coast. Its adjacent provinces are Samsun to the northwest, Tokat to the southwest, Sivas to the south, and Giresun to the east. The capital of the province is the city of Ordu. Ordu is a strip of Black Sea coast and the hills behind, historically an agricultural and fishing area and in recent years, tourism has seen an increase, mainly visitors from Russia and Georgia, as Ordu boasts some of the best beaches, rivers, and lush, green mountains on the Black Sea coast. Ordu is famous for hazelnuts. Turkey as a whole produces about 70 percent of the world's hazelnuts, and over 50 percent of those come from Ordu.

rize provinceRize Province

Rize Province (Turkish: Rize ili) is a province of north-east Turkey, on the eastern Black Sea coast between Trabzon and Artvin. Its capital is the city of Rize. Rize is on the north side of the range of mountains that run along the Black Sea coast. Overlooking the sea this is the wettest corner of Turkey and Rize is the country's largest producer of tea. The province is mainly rural and very attractive with its mountain valleys and elevated yaylas (meadows). The district of Çamlıhemşin, in particular, is one of Turkey's most popular venues for trekking holidays. Within remote areas, roads are scarce and electrically powered cable cars are used to transport people and supplies into the mountains.

samsun provinceSamsun Province

Samsun Province (Turkish: Samsun ili ) is a province of Turkey on the Black Sea coast. Its adjacent provinces are Sinop on the northwest, Çorum on the west, Amasya on the south, Tokat on the southeast, and Ordu on the east. The provincial capital is Samsun, one of the most populated cities in Turkey and the largest and busiest port in the Black Sea. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, started the Turkish War of Independence here on May 19, 1919. Samsun province is divided into 17 districts four of which are actually included in the city municipality of Samsun. The province has abundant water in lakes like Ladik, Akgöl, Dumanlı and Semenlik lakes. The Kızılırmak River,Yeşilırmak River, Terme River, Aptal Suyu, Mert Irmağı, Kürtün Suyu also carry high volumes of water.

sinop provinceSinop Province

Sinop Province (Turkish: Sinop ili ; Greek: Σινώπη, Sinopi) is a province of Turkey, along the Black Sea. It is located between 41 and 42 degrees North latitude and between 34 and 35 degrees East longitude. The surface area is 5,862 km², equivalent to 0.8% of Turkey's surface area. The borders total 475 kilometers and consists of 300 kilometers of land and 175 kilometers of seaside borders. Its adjacent provinces are Kastamonu on the west, Çorum on the south, and Samsun on the southeast. The provincial capital is the city of Sinop. It is fed by the Kızılırmak, Gökırmak, Sarsak çay, Karasu, Ayancık Suyu, Tepeçay, Çakıroğlu, Kanlıdere rivers.

tokat provinceTokat Province

Tokat Province (Turkish: Tokat ili) is a province in northern Turkey. Its adjacent provinces are Amasya to the northwest, Yozgat to the southwest, Sivas to the southeast, and Ordu to the northeast. Its capital is Tokat, which lies inland of the middle Black Sea region, 422 kilometers from Ankara. Two notable monuments in this province are the Hatuniye Medrese of the 15th century, built by Sultan Bayezid II, and a Seljuk bridge spanning the Yeşilırmak River, belonging to the 12th century. The Latifoğlu Mansion is a third, which is an example of the traditional architecture of a Turkish house of the 19th century, restored recently to its original state.

trabzon provinceTrabzon Province

Trabzon Province (Turkish: Trabzon ili) is a province of Turkey on the Black Sea coast. Located in a strategically important region, Trabzon is one of the oldest trade port cities in Anatolia. Neighbouring provinces are Giresun to the west, Gümüşhane to the southwest, Bayburt to the southeast and Rize to the east. The provincial capital is Trabzon city. The major ethnic groups are Chepni Turks and Lazes. The province is home to a small community of Muslim Romeika-speakers, though younger are not fluent in this language. Remarkably attractive throughout its history, Trabzon was the subject of hundreds of travel books by western travellers. The capital city Trabzon was founded, as Trapezus, by Greek colonists from Sinope, modern Sinop, Turkey.

zonguldak provinceZonguldak Province

Zonguldak Province (Turkish: Zonguldak ili) is a province along the western Black Sea coast region of Turkey. Its adjacent provinces are Düzce to the southwest, Bolu to the south, Karabük to the southeast, and Bartın to the east. The capital of the province is Zonguldak. Since the discovery of coal in the province, Zonguldak has become a major coal production center. Many natural and sandy beaches may be found along an 80 kilometer stretch of the coast. Beginning from the east, these beaches include: Sazköy, Filyos, Türkali, Göbü, Hisararkası, Uzunkum, Tersane, Kapuz, Karakum, Değirmenağzı, Ilıksu, Kireçlik, Armutçuk, Black Sea Ereğli, Mevreke, Alaplı and Kocaman.

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