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Ambre Frisque

Ambre FrisqueAmbre Frisque, born on September 1st, 1978 Liège, Belgium is a model and photographer whom was discovered on the streets of Liege by a scout when she was only 16 years of age.

Frisque started modeling for Elite Model Management in Milan and Paris while still attending school.

"My career started quite by accident. I was 16 at the time and I was with some friends walking down the street on a Friday night."

"A 'scout' approached me telling me that I could be a professional model - this gentleman then gave me the card of an agency in Brussels."

"I had not been preparing myself for this job at all - it was not one of my objectives and had not even crossed my mind."

"First and foremost to be a model you have to be tall, at least 1.75m and for men, the ideal height would be around 1.80m."

"Beauty is not necessarily the first criterion. But, you have to have something special about you, usually something that personally distinguishes you."

Ambre Frisque"Each person is different, it's what they bring uniquely that makes them a model. As far as the weight criterion is concerned, things have changed a lot since those days."

"Indeed, many countries are fighting the effects of anorexia. Previously the size criterion was about size 34 whereas today, we talk more about a 36-38 and even at times, a size 40."

"Finally, you have to be constantly available and punctual, some people think they can work as a model half or part time but that is not possible."

"There is no real minimum age to start modeling - children can work but with specific rules. There is a limited number of hours not to be exceeded and the work must not interfere with their schooling. Young girls start early, we see some who start a career at only 14 years old."

"There isn't any training. Some people claim to give training and take money from young girls with the prospect of a future in this profession, but there really is no actual training."

"If you want to work more in advertising, you can take theater training. I am not afraid to say that there are a lot of charlatans who abuse young girls naivety in the fringes of the modeling industry."

"The first steps to take if a young person wants to get into this profession is to send photos to the agencies. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to make a professional 'book'."

Ambre Frisque"A lot of photographers claim that you won't be picked up if you don't send a complete portfolio."

"All you have to do is send photos of you, on vacation for example, a portrait and a silhouette to several agencies - both in black & white and in color."

"If you meet the criteria, the agency will ask to meet with you. Just because you've been refused a place doesn't mean you have to stop and get discouraged."

"You should know that each agency has typical models and if that doesn't work with one, it does not necessarily not work with another."

"In Belgium, there are four companies that are really well established: IMM (International Model Management), Dominique Models, New Models and Models Office. They have an excellent reputation, work and pay their models well. For the rest I admit that it can be very random or even questionable."

"There are pitfalls to avoid and there can be difficulties encountered in this profession. You have to keep your feet on the ground and beware of photographers."

"Many will make you imagine incredible prospects for the sole purpose of squeezing money out of you. Drugs are also a trap in this environment, especially at the higher level."

"Some models work a lot and to be able to cope with the trips and the numerous castings, they may feel the need to take drugs. It is therefore preferable to refuse castings.

Ambre Frisque"Financially, it is not easy because we are not paid on a regular basis. It happened to me that I would get my salary three, six months and even a year after doing the job."

"We have to be very organized in terms of our agenda and our finances. There are also what are called 'sharks' in this environment."

"Usually, they are men of a certain age who promise "seas and worlds" and encourage young girls to go out with friends under the pretext of advancing their careers."

"It does not work that way and we then may see a form of disguised prostitution instead of legitimate opportunity."

"The beauty of a models job is that there is no typical day. If we work in big fashion cities such as Milan, New York or Paris, we can have a dozen castings during the day and a runway show in the evening."

"It all depends on the periods, some months are much busier than others. The months that coincide with the new collections (February and September) are particularly demanding."

"If it is a question of fashion shows, then we can speak of about three runway shows per day. The month of June requires a lot of investment for the creation of the catalogs. Usually, we go on a trip, get up at 5 a.m., take pictures from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and start again at the same pace the next day."

Ambre FrisqueIs it possible to reconcile professional and personal life? "What personal life?" - "It's not easy, it's all a matter of choice. By doing this job thoroughly, with our many trips, our personal life suffers the repercussions."

"We don't have much time. Making a doctor's appointment, seeing your family and having a love life all becomes very complicated. I succeeded, but not without making sacrifices on both sides."

"To manage all the stress this job generates, I always tried to get as much sleep as possible. The off-peak periods are enormous and I take this opportunity to read and rest. We must also eat well because our silhouette is our livelihood."

"Who are your main employers? First, everything goes through a modeling agency then it varies enormously. They are everything you can imagine."

"You can work for a bank, then for a brand of cheese, a shampoo, a depilatory cream - personally, my main clients were two Belgian magazines, one in France and several major catalogs" (La Redoute, 3 Suisses, and others)

"It is true that a career in this field is particularly short. It is indeed very short. If a young person starts around the age of 16, she can hope that her career will last about fifteen years. Then, if we age well, it is possible to prolong it."

"Around thirty, the work becomes very different and there is much less demand, we will find ourselves doing more advertisements for anti-wrinkle creams and skin care products, for example, and fewer runway shows."

Ambre Frisque"So I think it helps to finish your studies because the modeling career will get shorter and shorter. If you have worked a lot, it is rare to have had the chance to pursue higher education."

"Today, being less in demand and my contacts having already been established, I redirected my career towards fashion photography."

"The main advantages of modeling are the diverse people you meet and the travel. We are fortunate to have a profession that is anything but monotonous. The major disadvantage is loneliness and the organization of everyday life both in terms of trying to live as a couple and consistant finances."

After modelling for 12 years, travelling around the world and working with some of the greatest photographers, in 2007 Ambre decided to change sides and move behind the camera.

She is now finally living her passion and sharing with all her clients her feelings about inner and outer beauty.

Well-supported and knowing all the right people to work with, Ambre only has to ensure her clients have a great experience because she is confident they will leave with the pictures they need.

"During my modeling career, I was always being drawn to the lens and fascinated by the play of light. So it is only natural that over time, I trained as a photographer."

"After about fifteen years of experience, I created my photography studio." "Entre Ambre et Lumière", the "Studio Photomaison"!

Ambre Frisque"Indeed, as its "name" suggests, I receive you in the comfort and warmth of my home for a personalized session!"

"It is a new concept, offering you different images because during our session, we will travel throughout the house for original, bright, wacky, romantic, aquatic settings and other creative realms."

Ambre Frisque speaks both English and French and was a finalist in the Miss Belgium Beauty contest.

In 1999 she met David Copperfield and they dated for more than two years while they were living in New York City.

Copperfield had met 22-year-old Belgian model Ambre Frisque when he picked her out of the audience to assist him during a performance. She agreed to have dinner with him and they were inseparable in spite of the 22-year age difference.

For relaxation, they would go bowling and watch a lot of movies - Frisque cut back her career commitments in order to accompany Copperfield on tour and share his four-floor Manhattan apartment.

But, in 2002 Frisque met her husband Maikel Rivero - back in Europe she started modeling again living in both Belgium and New York City.

She worked for Major NYC and Paris, as well as Dominique Models Agency. Frisque's face has appeared on ads for Nivea, De Beers, Aveda, Swarovski, Dove, Audi, as well as magazines such as Elle, Arena, Eve and Marie Claire. She also had a brief cameo on television in the series, Friends in 2001.

Ambre Frisque"In my photography studio and thanks to my experience in the fashion industry, I will do everything to make you feel easily comfortable and bring out those little details that sublimate you."

"I hope you will also be won over by the softness and natural atmosphere that emanate from my photos. For me, each model represents a new source of inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact me for prices, promotions, projects and availability."

She now lives in Liege, Belgium again where she has started a career as a photographer and had her first child in December 2008.

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Bruno Ruffini Photographe - Model: Ambre Frisque


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