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Ingrid Parewijck

Ingrid ParewijckIngrid Parewijck, born February 2nd, 1979 in Ghent, Belgium is a Belgium-born model. She made headlines in July of 2004 when she was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens, New York City for possession of three small bags of cocaine.

Customs officers at the airport found three bags of cocaine on Parewijck - one plastic package in her right front pants pocket and two more in her brown leather handbag, according to the criminal complaint. Altogether she had 2.7 grams of cocaine in her possession.

At the airport, Parewijck, who has been featured on the covers of Vogue, ELLE and Photo magazines, was returning from France. The Flemish top model, Parewijck the face of Lavazza and Guerlain, drew the ire of Advocacy groups who complained about the lenient sentence meted out in comparison with the typical sentencing protocol.

She was represented by NEXT Model Management at the time of her arrest. The Ghent supermodel, who has lived in Manhattan for some time, was returning from Paris. She could have been sentenced up to 15 years in prison, but was ordered into rehab and given no custodial sentence.

She has worked campaigns for Adrienne Vittadini, Agnona, Baccarat, Caroline Biss, Christian Dior, Et Vous, Gant, Guerlain 'L'Instant' Fragance, Harry Winston, Kenneth Cole 'Black' Fragance, La Perla 'Creation' Fragrance, Lavazza, Ralph Lauren, and Scapa.

Ingrid ParewijckParewijck's profile and bare back were featured in advertisements introducing a new men's fragrance, L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Hommes, from the same famous perfumer that produces Shalimar, Samsara and Vetiver.

Parewijck belongs to the top eschelons of the modeling world and in recent years, she has already appeared on the cover of the magazines Vogue , Elle and Photo Magazine.

Parewijck is a doctor's daughter who accidentally became a model after a failed attempt at studying law. After a friend advised her to take a chance on going in front of the camera, Parewijck broke through internationally in no time.

She is currently the face of coffee producer Lavazza and perfume brand Guerlain.

Parewijck's Belgian agency Dominique Models, which discovered her and still observes her interests, reacted surprised at the arrest.

"We had not been able to speak to her. So we did not know what exactly happened. If, I said if, it is true what we had heard, then Ingrid has did something requiring a lot of stupidity, '' said Marc Dochez of Dominique Models.

"But I never would believe that Ingrid has a drug problem. If she was a junkie, she could have never have been where she is now - She's a very professional model."

Ingrid ParewijckWould her career go to sharks if she had been convicted? "We hoped not. She didn't deserve to get in the media like that. Ingrid is a very sweet and cool girl." said Dochez.

The Flemish supermodel had to appear again in court on July 26th of that year. Her lawyer had hopes that his client would come off with a light sentence.

"The drugs were certainly not intended for sale. If we did assume that the drugs did indeed belong to my client, then I believe it was for private use only." said Gregory Watts.

"Parewijck had been released for the time being. She had to hand in her passport and was scolded by Judge Laura Ward: "I have seen many models pass in front of me for drug busts in this court. You wouldn't be the first to sit for five to fifteen years.”

The Ghent top model Ingrid Parewijck appeared again in criminal court in New York. The young woman, whom studied to become a lawyer herself, faced a prison sentence after she was arrested at the New York Airport (JFK) in July with cocaine in her pocket.

Between the prosecution and the model, they worked out a deal so that the charges can be dropped. On October 18th, the judge again considered the case.

Parewijck, the face of the new men's perfume L'Instant de Guerlain, can now continue working, as her booking agent Marc Dochez of Dominique Models assures.

Ingrid Parewijck"The judge determined that if Ingrid followed the conditions for the deal, including being guided for a possible drug problem, she will avoid incarceration".

According to her booking agent, the case had been blown out of proportion in the press and was only about a very small amount of drugs.

The prosecution, who had the drugs seized, said it was 2.7 grams of cocaine. Ingrid Parewijck's father was not so comfortable with it all.

"It is true that she can continue working, fortunately the contract with Guerlain has not been damaged by the case, but the judge is clearly was still going to wait to review the case in October."

"In the meantime, Ingrid had to strictly adhere to the bail conditions. So the matter continued, '' Parewijck's father concluded.

"Ingrid is a good girl with good family values, said her father, who was worried sick. It’s like hell, like hell,” Walter Parewijck commented from his home in Ghent, Belgium. “We must trust American justice.”

"Never has there been that kind of problem” with Ingrid, said her concerned father, who is a professor at the University of Ghent and a respected doctor. She is very intelligent and we are extremely proud of her."

Parewijck said his daughter, who splits time between her Tribeca loft and a SoHo apartment, last came home for her mom’s birthday. After a celebratory dinner, she stayed over and headed to Munich and then on to Paris before taking the fateful flight back to New York City.

Ingrid ParewijckIngrid Parewijck has appeared on the cover of Vogue and Elle and done runway work for Victoria’s Secret and La Perla.

This beauty from Ghent, Belgium who was one of the first Flemish models ever to pursue her big dream in New York City, was immediately embraced as the face of prestigious brands such as coffee roasting Lavazza and the renowned perfume house Guerlain.

Later, the daughter of a Ghent doctor would also make it to covers of leading magazines such as 'Elle', 'Vogue' and 'Photo Magazine'.

Many women want to know how she still looks so pretty? In 2012 she told De Standaard her secret: “I use an eye cream, day cream and body cream . Also good cleaning is important, Sensibio H20 Bioderma is the best cleaner I know."

"In addition, I regularly have a treatment done in the beauty salon and I try to sleep enough, drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet.”

When asked if she had a secret for her young looks, she replied: “I wish I had a trick like that! One good squeeze of my face helps and a long shower . And all this done upside down - bizarre, but it does seems to work."

In 2017, Film maker Erik Van Looy first spoke about his new relationship with Ingrid on Gert Late Night . “I think I'm on a trial contract somewhere - with a fantastic lady. ” A few weeks later it turned out to be about fashion model Parewijck.

Ingrid ParewijckErik and Ingrid did not say a word about their relationship in interviews and also missed out on BV parties. The two also do not want to comment on their breakup. Van Looy was previously married to Nadine Van Looy for 21 years, from 1993 to 2014. They have one teenage son.

The two did not often spotlight together. Earlier this year, rumors circulated for the first time about a possible break, but neither Van Looy nor Parewijck wanted to comment on that. Again, the two prefer to refrain from commenting.

Parewijck was discovered by Dominique Models after she did a test shoot on the recommendation of a friend.

She quickly climbed to the elite group of top international models and became the face of Lavazza and Guerlain, among others .

After gracing the covers at Vogue and Elle, Feeling caught her for a fashion number (now in the stores) in which she blows everyone away with her young looks .

She has worked campaigns for Adrienne Vittadini, Agnona, Baccarat, Caroline Biss, Christian Dior, Et Vous, Gant, Guerlain 'L'Instant' Fragance, Harry Winston, Kenneth Cole 'Black' Fragance, La Perla 'Creation' Fragrance, Lavazza, Ralph Lauren, and Scapa.

Ingrid's career has steadily continued over the years and she is constantly in demand.

Ingrid Parewijck

She has appeared on the following magazine covers:

Belgium: 'Weekend Knack'; 'Elle'
France: 'Elle' - January 2003; 'French' - n° 10, 2003 - French Revue de Modes - March 2003
Germany: 'Elle' - April 2007 / Donna - October 2018 and February 2019
Portugal: 'Vogue' - February & March 2003
The Netherlands: 'Marie Claire' - June 2006

Mother Agency
Dominic Models

Agencies Worldwide
Next Model Management - Paris
Fashion Model Management - Milan
Stockholmsgruppen Models
View Management - Spain
Next Model Management - Miami
Stage Model Agency - Japan

Ingrid Parewijck

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