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Where To Go When
by Joseph Rosendo

Answering the difficult questions that today’s adventurous travelers ask—where’s the best place for a beach holiday in March? What are my options if June is the only time I can take a holiday? I’m getting married in November, where would be the perfect place for a honeymoon? — this is the perfect book for anyone planning a vacation or a longer adventure. Most travel guides tell you what to see, but not when.

Knowing the important cultural events of a country or region makes a trip memorable. Equally significant to photographers are the weather and seasonal conditions. Rainy seasons, extreme heat, days of overcast need to be considered when I travel. You will especially like to know when flowers are blooming. The notes in the margin make a quick study of learning the basic facts regarding getting there, getting around, accommodations, eating, and prices for two people. The excellent photographs are well-chosen. Just when you think you don't need another travel book, this one is published. It's a beautiful and useful book and would make a great gift for someone who enjoys travel.

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