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Sheridan Lathe

Sheridan LatheSheridan Lathe, also known as Dr. Sheddy, is a Veterinarian and captain of the sailboat SV Chuffed. She is also the head producer and editor of her own VLOGs about her travels and veterinary work from on board her own 37ft. Aluminium hull sail boat.

Sheridan was born in Queensland, Australia, in a rural beach town. She has always loved animals and even as a little girl she would rescue frogs from the rain and hand rear baby birds all the time while insisting her family needed more pets.

Having always loved animals, she wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age. So she went to University where she graduated from James Cook University in 2011 and later worked as a small animal veterinarian in rural Queensland.

Sheridan also worked as a wildlife veterinarian in South Australia where she learned how to detect sexually transmitted disease in koalas, fix fractured turtle shells and how to navigate the world of wildlife rehabilitation and release.

She then got the job of a life time with Animals Asia, working in China to rescue Asiatic Black Bears from the cruel bear bile trade.

Sheridan LatheShe feels she has been very lucky to be involved in many volunteer projects which have included veterinary services but also education of local veterinarians and communities to help improve the standards of animal welfare.

Now she is offering her veterinary services free of charge while she and her partner, Jim, travel by boat, documenting their adventures.

Sheridan encourages people to please contact her if they have any questions or perhaps suggestions of organizations that could use her help!

She started to make vlogs to detail stories and hopes they help inspire others to follow their dreams and make positive changes in the world.

Jim joined the crew in April of 2019, at first as a temporary First Mate, which quickly turned into permanent Head Chef, Filmographer, Budget Keeper and Captain Support Officer.

Jim had not spent much time on sail boats, but he was able to learn the ropes very quickly and he took to it like a duck takes to water.

Sheridan LatheWith two published scientific articles on Surf Tourism, Jim is a Political Ecologist and managed a hostel during his studies.

With his background in management and environmental development he has brought new ideas and strategies to help manage the Mission on board Chuffed.

Since joining the crew he has made many improvements to the budget and video quality, and to the Captains health and eating habits!

Sheridans journey on her boat, Chuffed, began, in an unusual way compared to most sailors. She had never thought about living on a boat, but her ex-husband (Joel) was a sailing affecionado.

And so the idea of sailing and living aboard her own boat entered her life through someone else's passion, but despite the marriage break-up she feels very grateful to have been led to this amazing lifestyle.

She feels she has been so lucky to have worked with an amazing array of animals all over the world. Sheridan started her career as a cat and dog vet, but quickly became the towns exotic pet vet and specialized in birdy medicine.

Sheridan LatheShe then became the head wildlife vet for a busy koala hospital in South Australia before moving to China to help rescue bears! It has been an eye-opener and kept her quite busy and content.

SV Chuffed was built in 1990 in the Gamelin ship yards in France. She is a 37ft. aluminium hulled sail boat that her previous owner had run out of time to expend on her in his old age.

Her first husband, Joel, watched Chuffed online for 11 months as the price slowly dropped from $90,000 USD, to $60K and finally to $45K at which point he jumped on a plane to Panama to check her out in person.

As he was flying through the air I saw online that she had been sold! Joel was rightfully devastated but figured he would stick around in Panama and see what happened.

With in days Joel had received a phone call to say the sale and fallen through and she was now on offer for $25K and so they bought her.

Chuffed was an older lady and in need of some repairs. She is in good enough shape for sailing, but small jobs like wiring, plumbing, cleaning and all the rest need fixing.

Sheridan LatheThe truth is a sail boat is always in need of repairs and most old cruisers tell you it's a bucket in the water that you throw your money into.

Wondering what Chuffed means...! - its Aussie/English slang meaning very pleased or content - which is exactly what Sheridan is!

Joel was originally the captain and head mechanic, but since their divorce in 2018 Sheridan took over as Captain, head mechanic, budgeter, video editor and veterinarian.

No wonder she is so busy, but she truly loves living aboard her sailboat and keeping her lovely girl, Chuffed, afloat.

The beauty of Chuffed is that Sheridan can combine her manifold passions of travel, surfing, sailing and animal care into an amazing adventure that hopefully can help inspire people and change the world one community at a time!

Vet Tails offers free veterinary care and education to the communities and animals that need it most as we travel. For now they are travelling around Central America, taking their time so they can really help these animals.

Sheridan LatheIn areas where humans are living in poverty the dogs and cats suffer, not because of a lack of caring, but purely because they don’t possess the economic resources necessary to care for their pets.

Fewer dogs are sterilized in these towns, which of course then leads to more dogs on the street.

It becomes a vicious cycle, one that can only be broken through education and affordable sterilization, treatment and vaccinations campaigns.

We are currently trying to organize a campaign here in these towns, from the ground up, which takes a lot of time and a lot of resources. But it’s why we do what we do.

When I work in these places the local kids are curious about my treatment of injured street animals, they have a lot of questions then the whole neighborhood helps me find the dog each day for his treatments!

I think people believe living on a boat is all sunshine, rainbows and lazy days... but although my average work week isn’t dictated by office hours, bosses and money, I still work a lot!

Sheridan LatheAn example of my ‘average’ work week:

- 20 hours of veterinary work (vaccine campaigns, clinic days, Spay days, travel to and from clinics, meetings with veterinarians, government or locals)

- 10 hours of video editing

- constant filming

- 5 hours on social media updates, replying to emails and supporters - an hour or so doing interviews for podcasts or websites.

- 5 hours of boat maintenance or repairs, plus plenty of research on future repairs!

So in the end on the average week I do work between 30-40 hours, depending on the animal and boat demands.

But when I am not ‘at work’ I make sure I enjoy every single moment; hanging out with Jim, surfing, baking cookies, listening to loud music, dancing, exploring new cities and cultures. I live a very blessed life, but I work for it everyday. .


In May 2019 we provided vaccinations, treatment and surgery to over 150 animals through out Nicaragua!

We worked with local organizations and communities to host four different campaigns, in three different locations.

Not only was Jim learning the ropes on board but in a mobile veterinary clinic too.

Find out more about the fun we had helping animals in Nicaragua.
Learn More


From November 2017 to March 2019 I worked with local Costa Rican veterinarians and communities to organize over ten campaigns in Golfito and the surrounding communities to help reduce disease in the cat and dog population, through the provision of free or discounted neutering.

This had the wonderful knock on effect of reducing the harm of domestic animals on wildlife and helps improve the conditions for the humans living in the area as well.

Learn More


While visiting the Las Perlas Islands (Pearl Islands), located off the Pacific Coast of Panama, we identified a major problem for the animals of the area - overpopulation.

We quickly realized the only way to make a true and lasting change for the animals and the communities in which they live was to to perform a neuter campaign.

In August of 2017 we provided treatment for 118 animals in the Las Perlas Islands, including performing over 50 spay and neuters! Learn More

Sheridan LatheShe still has savings from when she worked, but the hope, as time goes on is a Documentary Series on Chuffed’s adventures that will help keep the dream alive, and if necessary I hope to get some paid work at veterinary clinics along the way.

Sheridan has also found the 'if you scratch my back I will scratch yours' system is working well so far. She gets so much in return for the work she does for animals, which also helps keep her going.

Vet Tails' mission is to improve animal health and welfare worldwide by offering free veterinary care and consulting to communities in need.

The Vet Tails' sailing Chuffed series (YouTube) documents our adventures sailing the world while helping animals where ever they go.

Not only are we helping animals, sailing the world and experiencing amazing new adventures - we are filming it all too! Our Chuffed Adventures are available for your viewing pleasure for free, but if you would like to provide long term regular support becoming a Patron can assist us with our Mission to provide veterinary care where ever we go!

Help us help animals by liking us on Facebook, Instagram and subscribing to our channel on YouTube or become a Patron.

Sheridan Lathe
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