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Arpi Alto

Arpi AltoArpi Alto, born on September 30th, 1990 in Yerevan, Armenia is a singer, songwriter, musician, performer, record producer and actress from Armenia. ( Birth name: Arpine Mikayeli Ter-Petrosyan )

She'll have a role in the latest film by Swiss director Henry Follonier in his upcoming film Un parfum pour l'âme.

Arpi Alto has become a big sensation on the internet recently - and well deserved. The reason is her exceptional vocal talent, but not as some claim being due to her close resemblance to a young Julia Roberts.

There is definitely a resemblance - both women are exceptionally beautiful, but both retain their own unique characteristics.

People pointed out the obvious likeness of the two women, at times suggesting the possibility that Arpi may even be Roberts’ daughter.

When commenting on the rumors, Arpi remarked that although Julia Roberts is a very beautiful actress, she believes she looks just like her own mother.

Listen to her voice and you'll soon become a big fan of this beautiful and talented singer and actress.

The singer has been sharing some of her latest work on YouTube and other social media platforms with songs showing off her vocal talents including “The Girl From Ipanema” and “The Way You Look Tonight” among others - making her fans fall in love with her even more.

Arpi AltoArpi received her formal education in music in Yerevan, Armenia.

Arpi’s musical skill is notable due to her unusual voice range from alto to soprano, smooth and enchanting timbre and the gift of an absolute pitch.

The lowest female voice is known as the “Contralto Voice”. A true operatic contralto is very rare, so much so that roles intended for contralto are often performed by a much more common voice type, the mezzo-soprano.

Mezzo-soprano is a voice type lower than a soprano but higher than a contralto.

Born into a family of musician and jazz artist Anahit Ter-Petrosyan and artist and sculptor Mikayel Ter-Petrosyan. Arpi received her formal education as a pianist.

Her professional career began in 2011 when she joined the Geghard Vocal Ensemble. In 2013 she joined the Yerevan Opera Theatre.

Arpi’s vocals are close to the contralto vocal type, probably somewhere in between mezzo-soprano and contralto, making her a rare talent. As an opera singer she has incredible control over her vocals, and you can witness throughout her video performances.

Arpi AltoArpi launched her YouTube channel toward the end of December 2019, but has already received nearly half a million views.

She is a new exceptional talent and no doubt one that has earned her place as a professional singer and recording artist and will have great success in the future.

Views on her YouTube videos are amassing huge numbers as well as messages of love and support - with many of the comments complimenting Petrosyan on her amazing voice and her beauty.

Her videos are already going viral with over 300,000 views on YouTube alone, and millions on Facebook, and who can blame them? Petrosyan has a deep-toned voice that can get gentle and sultry when she wants it to, making her an exceptionally talented and appealing singer

If you want to see more from this wonderful talent follow her Facebook page or subscriber to her YouTube channel

Arpi’s formal musical education began in 2000, when she started attending music school. In 2010, at the age of 20, she joined the Armenian State Pedagogical University in Yerevan to study music and received her formal education as a pianist.

She graduated with a Master’s Degree in 2016.

Arpi AltoArpi’s professional career began in 2011, alongside her musical education, when she joined the Geghard Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Mher Navoyan.

In 2014 Arpi joined The Naghash Ensemble, founded by contemporary Armenian-American composer and pianist John Hodian.

Since 2018 Arpi has been a member of The Armenian National State Academic Choir under the conductorship of Hovhannes Chekijyan.

Arpi was exposed from a young age to a variety and eclectic mix of musical influences, ranging from traditional Armenian folk songs and classical music to jazz and pop.

After receiving classical music education, she began experimenting with solo work outside the framework of musical ensembles, especially jazz and bossa nova classics and Armenian traditional folk songs.

Arpi became a sensation after her covers of famous songs and bossa nova classics went viral on social media.

Thanks to the success of Arpi’s covers of “The Girl From Ipanema” and “The Way You Look Tonight”, her YouTube channel gained more than 2 million views.

Arpi Alto "With the recent war in Armenia still very fresh on our minds and the series of deadly shootings in the US, I am getting inspired for my next cover from my longing for peace, understanding and love for each other."

Arpi lives in Yerevan with her husband and son. She is a passionate animal lover. Arpi's record label is Ginosi Music.

Find out more and purchase her music at: ginosimusic.com

"When I am very sad, I try my best (though it's hard) to smile to overcome my sorrow. Now I will talk about very sad things, and I really cannot believe that it's real.

During a remarkably tough year of 2020, I lost my sister to cancer, and it’s a deep wound in my heart.

We all have our sorrows that are somewhere deep in our soul - It has been tough to pick songs so far.

Why am I smiling now and posting positive photos? My sister would not have allowed me to be sad. She would have asked me to smile.

Yesterday I went to a place where we went together last time. Love each other and value each second that you spend with your loved ones.

Arpi AltoI am so excited to share with you some of my work with the Swiss director Henry Follonier on his upcoming film as I enter the film industry not just as an actress but with my passion - music.

Here is a little sneak peek of a test recording for Henry's upcoming movie, Un parfum pour l'âme, a Swiss story told from the heart, where I have a musical lead role.

There will be more music coming for the film. Watch on YouTube: Arpi Alto - My Heart Will Find You

A Thank you note from Arpi:
"Your visit to my social media and articles on the internet is already an amazing amount of support. I am so inspired and grateful for all the love and motivation I've received.

I'm working on some original works and have music all around me in everything that I do and wish the same for you."

Arpi Alto along with her manager set up and now own Ginosi Music - a record label and management company specializing in indie production of covers, original music and artwork.

Arpi received her formal education in music in Yerevan. Arpi's musical skill is due to her unusual vocal range from alto to soprano - a smooth and enchanting timbre along with the gift of absolute pitch.

Ginosi Music's small and focused team processes booking requests, manages productions for Arpi Alto and publishes her work.

Ginosi Music has offices in both Los Angeles and Yerevan. When not touring, Arpi Alto and her team work out of the Yerevan office and its studio. The work atmosphere at Ginosi Music is relaxed, professional and artistic.

Arpi Alto Her album recording called “My Soul In The Mountains” is a family story with Alto’s brother, mother and cousin contributing to the creation of the album.

It is a tribute to Arpi’s maternal grandmother who was first to introduce Arpi to the colorful world of music and to expose her to different genres ranging from traditional Armenian folk songs to classical music and jazz.

The nine songs on the album create a rich tapestry of Arpi’s two greatest music passions - Armenian folk tunes and jazz. Inspired by the richness of Armenian folk music combined wqith jazz melodies to showcase the Armenian culture to a worldwide audience.

Arpi’s vocal performance and original arrangements combined with the accompaniment of her own mother - composer and pianist Anahit Ter-Petrosyan - lifts one into the world of classic jazz with pure ethnic rhythms.

“I wanted to share my understanding, my vision of classic jazz and Armenian folk songs. I love this mix and I really like to improvise, so this is how the idea of my album was born,” she said. “My Soul in the Mountains will take you to Armenia, my mountainous ancestral home and the place where I feel most at peace.”

The digital album and the CD is available on Arpi Alto’s website. You can also find these songs on major streaming services.

Arpi Alto

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