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Hart Sawyer

Hart SawyerKatherine Hart Sawyer, born in 1987 in Kentucky is an extremely talented American singer, songwriter, and musician.

Her early life began in a small country town along the Kentucky River, where her parents introduced Hart and her siblings to natural beauty surrounded by country music melodies.

At the age of eight, she began taking both piano and classical voice lessons. Before long, her interest in ballet & jazz began her eventual push beyond the boundaries of small town country girl to a performing artist who combined movements of the body with lyrics and musical expression.

"I began playing as soon as I could speak. As a young girl, I grew up along the river banks of rural Kentucky, where my dreams of becoming a musician soon took route. In my early teens, I continued to develop my skills through formal musical education and professional training."

"Music became the main way I could express myself and my favorite way to connect with people. Even though I was a small town girl, I was afraid of becoming trapped in a tiny world town with no means of escape."

"As soon as I graduated from Belmont University - Nashville several years ago, I packed my dreams in my car and drove to Los Angeles."

Hart Sawyer"Like most people, I have had to overcome the many challenges life presents to all of us.

Now expressing those experiences and lessons of love, lust, and longing through each song. I love when others tell me how something in them was powerfully touched by my music."

Her passion for music led her to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she earned a degree in musical composition and voice performance.

Hoping to avoid the pigeonhole of a predominantly country music town, Hart moved from Nashville to Athens, Georgia, and then to Los Angeles, performing as lead vocalist and songwriter, producing a sound reminiscent of a mother's lullaby merged with power rock ballads.

Love is a familiar theme for the artist who turned personal introspection into a deeper understanding of her perception of the world and her place in it.

"I want to inspire others to fill themselves with genuine love and the experience of a clear heart."

"Sometimes we need to stop denying the things that hold us back and make energetic shifts in order to find balance and happiness."

Hart SawyerInspired by a diversity of fellow musicians including James Taylor, ColdPlay, Enya, and Shania Twain, Hart Sawyer is driven by positive messages of love & tales of the human experience, infusing orchestral ballads and ambient vocal harmonies to quirky pop/rock rhythms.

Sawyer describes her sound as diverse, ranging from her techno collaborations to her performances on the ukulele to playing piano and being accompanied by cello and violin.

She has performed at festivals such as Lucidity, Envision, Libertyfest, and Athfest, with elicit comparisons to Alicia Keys, Adele, the Beatles and Coldplay.

"In 2016, I was honored and thrilled to headline at both Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle festivals. I also performed around the world with Lucent Dossier Performance Group."

However, the heart and soul of her musical genius may best be described by the individuals she has touched. One fan wrote:

"Your music is potent. Your voice and lyrics carry with it a very powerful combination of beauty and pain. You spoke to me in the deepest of ways. Thank you for capturing the contrast of this human experience. Thank you for giving voice to the often unexpressed emotion that I hold but don't always honor. You sing for the underrepresented parts of my soul. You sing to the fragile, delicate, wounded places of my being. You turn a light towards the things that have retreated and need the most nurturing".

Hart SawyerHart Sawyer's hope of one day reaching for the stars may have already been fulfilled through a deep connection with the yearning human spirit and sometimes fragile heart.

Hart Sawyer is a dreamer and believer. She's a back woods girl from Kentucky that's bringing a level of love and enchantment that she wasn't brought up with, but believed in when the small town didn't offer much room to blossom like a wild rose.

Her vision is to joyfully connect and vibrate millions of hearts with bliss, wonder and music and in doing so, plans to create a new genre of music called "Enchanted Pop" - and she is stoked!

The past four years she has been struggling from an inflammatory disorder that kept her in hiding because of her chronic pain. With this spring, she is rising into wellness, healing and and is ready breaking through all the suffering and limitation she was caged in.

"Sometimes the road isn't carved out for us uber creative types, and sometimes when we know struggle we truly can taste the sweetest fruit of joy and success, atlas that IS what I believe."

"Deeply rooted in my songwriting and performance I desire to inspire and uplift others. My goal is for my music to take people on a journey."

"This year I'm focusing my creative energy on making enchanted piano-driven music. I am so excited to be headed in a fresh direction with a team and fans."

Currently, she is based in Los Angeles working on a new album.

Hart SawyerHer three great passions:

Her singer/songwriter career which began at age 13. She is a classically trained singer and pianist and also plays the ukulele! My brand new website is www.hartsawyer.com where you can view her music videos. She also enjoys doing a limited amount of modeling.

She loves capturing an emotion and essence through a photograph and helping design a look and unique vibe. Sawyer recently moved to Los Angeles where she is currently available for Commercial/Print work.

"I wish to help the world become a more happy and loving place. I always aspire to grow and be more happy and if I can do that through photography, then that is a bonus!"

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"For the longest time I was conflicted being a girl. I've spent a lot of time being a boys boy and kinda rough around the edges, not really knowing how to nurture myself or be empowered."

"Some of my first memories identifying with my 'sex' was being told what I shouldn't do as a girl and being sexually shamed by older men."

Hart Sawyer"And guess what...? Everything has changed! I now love pink versus loathing it, I love girl time, I love makeup, I love pretty things, I love salty bubble baths, I love giggling, I love dressing pretty, I love sparkles - I am so grateful to be Hart Sawyer."

"How do you see yourself? What do your eyes see? I am choosing to witness miracles. I am thanking of the blessings everyday. I am seeing a different world with my eyes."

"I am so grateful to be fulfilled by being a girl versus deep down wishing I was a guy because I wanted to be treated fairly and honored as a human being."

"I am having a damn 'ol good time being a girl. How can you show up more vibrantly being you?"

"Sometimes people ask me why I am so happy? It's because I wish to be happy..."

"And sometimes, I refrain from telling them I choose to be happy - so powerfully because I have felt so much physical pain and now consciously live above it by waking up thanking that the miracles and blessings are happening everyday."

"I believe in the possibility of truly loving life."

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Wildflowers - Written and Performed by Hart Sawyer

Wildflower's from Hart Sawyer on Vimeo.


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It’s a remarkable story that ranges across Greek mythology, natural history, agriculture, conservation and medicine; takes in some of the most exciting areas of developmental genetics and molecular biology that other popular science books largely ignore; and is packed full of a cast of amazing characters, be they obscure animals or eccentric scientists such as the respected geneticist Dr Helen Spurway who in the UK in the 1950s unwittingly sparked a nationwide search for a virgin mother.

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Publisher: Oneworld (UK/US)
Pub Date: 16 August 2012
Status: Draft manuscript
Length: 288 pages

All rights available excluding:
UK & Commonwealth, US, Arabic (Arab Scientific), Japan (East Press)

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