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Sydney Cope

Sydney CopeSydney Cope, born in Corinth, Texas, just north of Dallas, has been entertaining audiences of all sizes since she was 2 years old. Dancing is a passion she loves and continues to involve herself in by training and teaching choreography.

But, Sydney is also a singer/songwriter, musician and an actress. From Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California she has performed at many different venues around the Dallas - Fort Worth area and beyond.

In addition to her singing, dancing and acting endeavors, she has added creating and producing music videos to her accomplishments. Sydney is proving to be unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with.

"I have the best parents and siblings and we are all very close. Two older brothers and I am the youngest. I’ve been very fortunate to have had opportunities to train and begin homeschool at the end of my 8th grade year."

"This has helped me to be more flexible with my schedule so I can work on all my artistic outlets like songwriting, acting and dance. Currently I am living in LA, taking college courses and working on creating new songs alongside my acting and dance auditions."

Texas native Sydney Cope unveiled her new single “Watch Out For Me” on March 31st, 2019. “Watch Out For Me” portrays Cope’s feelings over problems in a friendship.

Sydney Cope"This song was originally written about a friend that stabbed me in the back. I was really hurt by some of the things that were being said. So rather than retaliating and stirring the pot, I expressed my emotions through music and I am just letting karma do the work for me” explains Cope.

Produced by Michael Child, this single is a recording that combines great melodies with poignant lyrics. Cope is now living in Los Angeles focusing on her career. With this and later releases, Sydney Cope reveals herself as a promising songwriter and artist.

"My childhood was full of love and laughter. All of my favorite memories are definitely the times that were spent with my family and the memorable vacations we would take."

"The best memories I have are of our summer trips to Southfork, Colorado where we would go camping - luxury camping in our 5th wheel! We have been doing this for the last 16 years visiting Fun Valley so it has become a tradition."

"Dance is a passion for me. I started dancing at two years of age, and spent most of my years dancing! I am still dancing today and love learning new dances and choreographing too."

"I remember all the performances I did when I was younger for talent shows and group performances with singing and group dances. We would perform at different venues like Six Flags, festivals, and opry’s around the Dallas-Fort Worth area."

Sydney Cope"When did I know I could sing? It's a funny story! When I was seven years-old I had some friends over for a sleepover. We decided we were going to goof around and put on a little show."

"We went off on our own and came up with a little skit or something to “perform” for the show. So I ended up writing a really cheesy song. I sang it to my mom the next day, and because of that cheesy song that she signed me up for vocal lessons, and I fell more and more in love with music! I wrote my first song at age eleven."

"I had started performing at around eight years-old, and I released my first original song at age twelve. Dancing when I was younger is what gave me the confidence to perform in front of anyone."

"I realized the music I am making today was the right sound for me because I would feel way more relaxed when recording in the studio. I was comfortable and felt the music came naturally."

"Not only was I more comfortable, when I wrote these songs, the lyrics and melodies came fast and I was able to bring them both together to create songs that I enjoy and hope others will also."

"I actually wrote the song 'Watch Out For Me' in 20 minutes. My mom and I had just moved into our new apartment and we were still getting settled in. At first I was just messing around with some chords on my guitar until I found a melody that stuck."

"Then I took the first emotion I felt from the melody itself, and rolled with it. After I find an emotional connection with the instrumental, I can easily write lyrics to match, and that’s what happened."

Sydney Cope"My producer, Michael Child, at the time was living in Nashville, so it wasn’t that easy to get together and lay down a demo track. So I just recorded myself singing and playing guitar on voice memos, and texted it to him."

"From this voice memo, he created something so beautiful and really brought out the power that I wanted to convey in the first place. With all the wonderful things that were contributed by Michael and Wendy Child, we were able to create this gem."

"I decided to release 'Watch Out For Me' as a single because there are so many EP’s that get released and sometimes songs can get lost and never heard. I felt that this is a power song so it would be great to share it solo."

"I would like for the audience to feel or relate to something in their life or past experience when they hear my music."

"Some of the best advice I've ever received is that you have to get told no so many times, until you get that one that says yes. So keep working hard until it’s your time to shine."

"And in my opinion, what would make that happen would be positivity. Smiling and being generous to others and spreading joy to others can do a lot. You never know what someone is going through. Being put in a positive environment can do wonders for people. More than you know."

"People can be rude and will try to put you down, but as long as you keep your head up and work hard, they can’t stop you from being the best you can be and that’s all that matters."

She has many passions which she stays busy training and working on. Sydney is not only a musician and songwriter, she spends a lot of her time playing guitar, piano, dancing and acting.

Sydney CopeOnly 19 years old originally from Texas but now living in Los Angeles Sydney began dancing at the age of two, Currently she is writing and recording new music. Acting and dancing are also still a big part of what she continues to master as well as staying busy with auditions.

"She has many passions in which she stays busy training and working on her crafts. Sydney is not only a musician and songwriter, she spends a lot of her time playing guitar, piano, dancing and acting."

"Some of my favorite artists are Billie Eilish, Justin Timerblake, Ariana Grande and Khalid. They are artists I look up to right now."

"Any fun moments while creating the song?"

Her hypnotic track makes for a simmering soundtrack to the revenge fantasy Sydney Cope effortlessly plays out in her video for 'Watch Out For Me' . Lurking in the background of what was once a perfect relationship, she discovers her lover’s transgressions and begins to plot a dark and twisted plan.

From taking swings with a sledgehammer to tying the offenders up, Cope’s vengeful actions serve as a warning to anyone that believes they can cross the mastermind.

"One of my favorite moments from this song has been working on the music video! I was able to create an interesting storyline with my close friends and family, and I am beyond excited on the way it turned out."

"I was definitely having a lot of fun wielding the sledgehammer. And the video also gave me the opportunity to combine a few of my creative pursuits – singing, dancing and acting. What I most enjoy about the shoot is smashing all that stuff. It was definitely one of my favourite parts of filming!"

Sydney Cope"We actually filmed this video at my dad’s company’s warehouse. It was a really relaxed setting in the filming process, which allowed more enjoyment creating it with my friends and family!"

You recently were featured on Investigation Discovery’s show ‘Lone Star Justice’. What did you take away from that experience?

"Lone Star Justice was such a great shoot with the cast and crew. This was actually my first time filming a death scene, and portraying the victim herself. From this project, I learned a new technique and was able to practice it on film."

"There are so many different shows and movies that I love for many different reasons. There is not just one specific show or movie that I would like to be able to star in. I would love to explore all kinds of filming avenues to learn and discover new techniques."

"It’s actually on my bucket list to perform at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. That is where I attended my first of many concerts and fell in love with the memories that venue created for me."

"My dream dance job would be to film a dance movie like the series Step Up because I would be able to incorporate two of my favourite aspirations in one! There is so much to learn and I’m interested in learning new aspects and skills to better my performances as much as I can."

"My passion for music began once I started to write music. It was my way of getting my emotions out and creating a story. My mom and dad are the reason that I’ve been able to pursue this passion. Their ongoing support has meant everything to me."

Sydney CopeYou must have a strong backbone and a good work ethic in this industry, and you must strongly believe in yourself.

"My creative process when I am working on a new song hasn't changed throughout the years. When I create a new song, I start with an instrumental and create the melody first. Then, I develop an emotion from the melody to begin my storytelling."

"This year, I will be working on releasing new music. I will also be working on acting and dance audition opportunities hopefully."

"Thanks for all of the support you are giving me!! 'Lost In My Own Thoughts' is available on all platforms along with my other latest songs!"

"I will have a new lyrics video and music video coming in the next several weeks and more new tunes in the upcoming months."

"Here is the link to my music: https://song.link/i/1475596855"

Representation: The Campbell Agency - Dallas | CTG - Los Angeles Influences
Billie Eilish, Alessia Cara, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Ashley Tisdale and Tori Kelly.

"Your support is very much appreciated!!"
Sydney Cope
September 26th, 2019

Sydney Cope

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