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Sensi Graves

Sensi GravesSensi Graves, a professional kiteboarder, entrepreneur, speaker, kiteboarding instructor and writer grew up in northern California and later attended the University of California at San Diego where she got a degree in Comunications.

Sensi has been featured in countless online and print publications including: The Kiteboarder Magazine, Kiteworld, IKSURF Mag, The Kite Mag, KiteSpain, Barefootkings.com, Womenwhohustle.com, Stillstoked.com, and kitesista.com.

She has been nominated for AWSI kiteboarder of the year for the last four years and in 2017 ranked 3rd on the Kite Park League World Tour.

When asked for her self description she replied: "I’m a professional kiteboarder and entrepreneur. I’m a writer, competitor and I own a swimwear company designed to empower women in watersports. But really who I am is a woman trying to spread love, light and consciousness. I value health, adventures, friends, family, good food, and protecting our environment."

Her swimwear company donates 1% of sales to 1% For The Planet, a nonprofit that funnels the money to environmental groups of our choosing. She also chooses to support businesses and buy products based on their environmental impact.

Sensi GravesOne of the biggest things people can do is to vote with their dollars, and those whom they choose to support will designate what values we find important.

Sensi Graves Bikinis are made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed fishing nets. The poly bags they come in are certified compostable and they use recycled hang tags, labels and packaging.

Her mother was a huge inspiration. She remembers her being strong, resilient and sweet. It was her mother who taught her to love nature, be proud of her body and self, and that she could beat the boys - her brothers in particular.

Her father was the first Kitesurfer in the family and was so enthused about the sport that he took the family down to South Carolina for lessons.

So, in 2007, she tentatively signed up for kiteboarding lessons in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and immediately fell in love. Just two years later, she applied to be a kiteboarding coach, relocated to the East Coast, and started collecting accolades.

This world-class kiteboarder from Hood River, Oregon, consistently places in the top three at some of the biggest international kiteboarding invitationals, recieves continuous coverage in kiteboarding magazines, and leads women's kiteboarding retreats worldwide.

Sensi GravesHer bikini line has been recognized by Self Magazine as a top suit for sports and is the winner of the 2017 SELF Healthy Living Awards. Sensi Graves Bikinis has also been featured in SUP the Mag, on Grindtv.com, on ESPNW.com and on Goldfishkiss.com among others.

In 2012, Sensi launched her new swimwear label, Sensi Graves Bikinis, to meet the demands of her sport - after losing one too many string bikinis in the surf, she decided to tackle the job herself and design suits that actually stay on in rough conditions.

"We design swimwear that’s made to work, whether you're tow-surfing at Jaws or sup-ing down the river. Going into our 8th year in business, our products have continued to develop and improve but we’ve always stuck by our core mission: to design swimwear that’s both fiercely functional and fabulously feminine."

"We create an awesome product. Our number one goal is to make the world’s raddest swimsuits. Designed by a professional kiteboarder with action in mind, everything we make is tested and refined to perform."

"We utilize high-quality, UPF 50+, recycled fabrics from Spain, Italy and the US, which are designed to hold up over time. We produce in the USA with skilled seamstresses. We make bikinis you can wear with true confidence."

Sensi Graves"I want to empower women in sports - we run the world! And we want to see more women out there charging. Besides designing empowering swimwear, we give our customers actionable tools to up-level their thinking, build confidence and try new things."

"This big, beautiful life is meant to be lived and we do so with an open heart, an adventurous spirit and a smile on our faces. When all else fails, we laugh and have a margarita..."

"Protecting our environment is extremely important. We fiercely want to protect the places we play and our home, Mother Earth. That’s why we use recycled packaging, compostable poly bags and hygienic liners, incorporate recycled fabrics into our suits, and make our products in the USA. We're also a 1% for the Planet member and donate 1% of sales to environmental causes."

In partnership with two fibers manufacturers, Econyl® and Repreve® Sensi committed to fabrics that have less impact on the world, with the ultimate goal of creating a closed-loop, take back system for old swimwear.

Repreve®, is one of the world’s leading performance fibers made from recycled materials. Repreve transforms recycled bottles into an amazing fiber. Compared to making virgin fiber, Repreve offsets using new petroleum and therefore conserving water and emitting less greenhouse gas in the process.

Sensi GravesEconyl® starts with rescuing waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic from oceans and landfills.

This waste is then regenerated into yarns and textiles to be repurposed into apparel and more.

Econyl’s vision is a circular system in which Econyl products, once at the end of their lifecycle, can re-enter the system at the beginning and be regenerated anew.

For every 10,000 tons of Econyl® materials used, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved. Both fiber companies make excellent quality materials that hold up over time, are soft to the touch and feel amazing against the skin.

Known for bikinis that are made to move in, her swimwear keeps up with womens ultimate lifestyle. Her main customer base is in the United States but she is looking for ambassadors to help her grow worldwide.

Help her spread the Sensi Graves Bikinis mission, wear awesome suits and make money along the way. Apply today and join her growing community. Ambassador Inquiries at: team@sensigravesbikinis.com

Sensi Graves"I started my kiteboarding career as a kite coach in North Carolina. I’ve always loved swimwear but in those days I was in the water every single day. I surfed, kited, coached and played on the beach, all in my bikinis."

"I loved the fun, flirty silhouettes that the swimwear brands provided but there was nothing on the market at the time that was actually made to work. I found it so tough and frustrating to be out on the water coaching all day and constantly having to adjust my tops and pull up my bottoms."

"I wanted confidence that the products I was wearing would stay put, be super comfortable yet still maintain that flirty, sassy side of swimwear that’s so youthful and fun. When I couldn’t find it, I decided to start designing it myself."

"Without a doubt, ensuring function. It’s so important to feel good in your bikini. If you’re constantly distracted by pulling your suit back in place, then you aren’t able to focus on catching the next wave or diving for a volleyball."

"That being said, a lot of women value fashion and choose that over function, which is totally fine. I’ve found it’s all about what makes you feel good in your body and what will give you the confidence you need to get out there and charge."

Sensi Graves"I believe my line is a perfect fusion of cool-girl fashion and ultimate function and so in that case, you get both fashion and function!" - Sensi Graves

Buy swimwear at sensigravesbikinis.com

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