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Jessica Rafalowski

Jessica RafalowskiJessica Rafalowski, born on March 16th, 1986, in Hartford, Connecticut is an American model. Jessica Rafalowski is a former beauty queen from DeLand, Florida.

In 2008, she won the title of Miss Florida USA on her first attempt and placed top 10 in the nationally televised Miss USA competition.. Rafalowski was a Marketing and Psychology student at Stetson University where she graduated in 2008.

Rafalowski became a model after gaining her pageant title and soon appeared on the Maxim Hot list 100 in 2012. She has been in feature stories for Maxim, GQ, FHM "Me In My Place" and other international publications.

She does modeling for Beach Bunny Swimwear where she was selected out of 10,000 applicants to become the face of their swimwear in a model search contest that year.

She has also walked for major fashion brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, Ed Hardy, Beach Bunny Swimwear, and Perry Ellis, and has been featured in major commercials like GoDaddy.com, Sandals Resorts, Hydroxycut, and KFC.

Jessica RafalowskiIn her spare time, Jessica devotes much of her time to philanthropy, as a motivational speaker for women and speaks fluent Polish and English.

She said of her heritage, Polish people love to eat, drink, and be merry. I'm a really healthy person, but when I go back home, I'll always have vodka and pirogues.

She is a avid health and fitness advocate and developed her regimen after being pregnant and decided to get back in shape.

"I used the 21/90 Rule. It takes 21 days to build a habit, and 90 days to build a lifestyle. Health and fitness ARE a lifestyle, but it can be very difficult to instill that change."

"This is something I can relate to because after gaining 50 pounds during pregnancy, I had a very hard time getting back on track for contest prep."

"But I had to remind myself to trust the process because consistency is what will take something seemingly arduous like exercise and make it into something that just becomes part of who you are.

"Fitness makes me a better person, mom and wife. After I gave birth to my daughter I struggled with some of health issues that effected me physically and mentally. It wasn’t until I forced myself to exercise that I reclaimed my strength."

Jessica Rafalowski"So much so that before my daughter turned 1, I had competed in and won my first WBFF bikini competition - exercise is my medicine and it allows me to give more of myself to others"

When asked if men can ever wear a Speedo, Jessica Rafalowski said, That is not something I want to see. I'm attracted to manly men who also have strong morals, like a UFC fighter with a heart of gold.

Jessica also loves going to the gym. I dont take classes or anything like that; Ill just find something heavy and go at it. As long as Im panting and really sore at the end of the workout, Im good!

A huge goal of mine in any endeavor is to in some way give back. If I won the Ms Health and Fitness title I would donate a portion of the prize money to the elementary school in the town I grew up in to alleviate school lunch debt for parents struggling to pay for their child's lunch."

She placed in the Ms. Health and Fitness contest but not in the money, but the magazine and Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors would like to thank Jessica Rafalowski Viggiano and her voters for helping us donate to our injured United States military veterans.

Because of her participation along with the other contestants they raised a total of $245,303.74 to provide financial assistance and support to our injured United States military veterans by building and remodeling handicap accessible homes to suit their individual needs one wounded warrior at a time.

Jessica Rafalowski"Every child should have access to a good meal, and sometimes it is hard for parents to cover costs. I would use the rest of the money to invest in an online coaching/wellness company that my husband and I have been dreaming of starting.

"Rejection is a big part of the modeling industry; especially when you start, as a model and you don't have a portfolio to back up what you're capable of.

In the modelling industry you're selling yourself and in this video Jessica describes the day to day and mental focus needed to work in the modelling industry.

Walk your walk video on YouTube.

Jessica embraces her career as a dream, and walks her walk. "I always say, people's opinions, when they've been rolling in my mind; that's just noise.

So I try to block out the noise, and just be me. I encourage all women to find what it is in them that is their dream. You just have to walk your walk."

Rafalowski is a model who is perhaps most famous for winning the Miss Florida USA pageant in 2008. She then went on to represent her state in the 2008 Miss USA where she finished in the top 10.

Jessica RafalowskiBorn to a middle-class family, she is of Polish descent and both her parents can fluently speak Polish. She went to Stetson University where she majored in Marketing and Psychology.

Rafalowski never really thought about becoming a model or even a beauty pageant titleholder. According to her, when she was five, she was playing in the dirt with her Ninja Turtles toys.

But as she grew up, all her friends seemed to enjoy entering beauty pageants and they told her that she should try - she did and went on to win 2008’s Miss Florida USA title without ever having any prior pageant experience.

I got a bathing suit and a dress and ended up winning (maxim.com). She added, My friends weren't happy at first, but I think it changed their perspective on how to compete in these pageants. Its more about being natural. When I see those girls on Toddlers & Tiaras, Im like, Are you kidding me?

Jessica Rafalowski is married to Greg Viggiano. They had a very private wedding in 2013 at her parent’s home because they didn’t want their private life to be in the media.

Jessica travels between Los Angeles, New York, and Miami for her modeling work.

Jessica Rafalowski





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