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Charlotte Ann McKinney

Charlotte Ann McKinneyCharlotte McKinney, born August 6th, 1993 in Orlando, Florida is an American actress and model. Her mother is Canadian and she has an older sister named Garland.

A childhood sufferer of dyslexia, she says she was the target of bullying as a result of her physical development during puberty and while she attended William R. Boone High School in Orlando.

After dropping out of high school at age 17, McKinney, who describes herself as "a curvy bombshell with extremely big boobs," pursued a modeling career but struggled to find success with an agency.

Opting to rely on Instagram as a portfolio, she soon became "Insta-famous" and was profiled in Esquire magazine. McKinney credits the social networking service as a factor in her subsequent success, which includes campaigns for the fashion brand Guess. She eventually signed with Wilhelmina Models.

McKinney was the featured model in a Carl's Jr. all Natural Burger commercial, which was released online in January of 2015 and aired regionally during Super Bowl XLIX.

The viral ad featured McKinney walking around a farmers' market, stating that she is "all natural" and using double entendres to imply that she is naked with strategically placed items in the market, until it reveals she is in a bikini eating the All Natural Burger.

Charlotte Ann McKinneyThe success of the commercial has led to McKinney being dubbed "the next Kate Upton," who also garnered national attention for appearing in a Carl's Jr. commercial during a Super Bowl.

On February 24th, 2015, McKinney was announced as one of the celebrities who would compete on season 20 of Dancing with the Stars. Her professional dance partner was Keoikantse Motsepe - the couple was the second to be eliminated and finished in 11th place.

McKinney appeared as Missy in the film Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser in 2015 and in 2017, she appeared in the film adaptation of the television series, Baywatch and the remake of Flatliners.

Flatliners, directed by Niels Arden Oplev (the Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), is being produced by Laurence Mark and Michael Douglas.

The latter also produced the original 1990 film on which this one is based. The original Flatliners cast included Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, Billy Baldwin and Oliver Platt.

McKinney was in Baywatch, the Paramount Pictures feature based on another iconic IP of the 1990. She played Julia in the film directed by Seth Gordon and starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

For the Carl's Jr. ad she was nearly nude strutting through a farmers market, leaving men slack-jawed. “I love going all natural,” she purred, opening her mouth wide to take a bite out of a big, juicy, “all natural” hamburger.

Charlotte Ann McKinneyThe “too hot for TV” version of the ad has already racked up more than 6 million views on YouTube - a number that skyrocketed after the ad aired on Superbowl Sunday.

“It was huge,” McKinney told the media of landing the spot. “This guy was literally carrying me to the set - which I’m sure he didn’t mind. I’ve never been treated so like a princess. I could get used to it.”

Born and raised in Orlando, she grew up alongside an older sister with parents who ran a used-car dealership named the Car Bar. As a teenager, McKinney started in the modeling industry by commuting the three hours to Miami for swimsuit shoots she describes as being “awful.”

Her father saw an opportunity and had her pose for photos in front of cars he hoped to sell. The Car Bar’s website still has a photo of her cheesing in the front of a VW van. “He’d pimp me out here and there,” she joked of her dad.

“She is on the short side, and her measurements are not what you'd call the typical model body,” says Craig Lawrence, who signed her to ONE.1 Management in New York. In LA, Wilhelmina Models represents her.

McKinney, who stays in shape with hot yoga, pilates and weight training, has always felt secure in her skin. So secure, in fact, she had no problem eating that burger in the Carl’s Jr. commercial - well, at least eight bites or so. She says she generally does enjoy a good burger, though, and has, in fact, eaten at Carl’s Jr. before.

Charlotte Ann McKinney“I’m not a big red-meat eater,” McKinney admits, “but I enjoy a hamburger on a Sunday to cure a hangover.”

Fine print at the end of the 30-second Carl’s Jr. commercial reveals that the burger’s “all-natural attributes” apply only to the grass-fed, free-range beef that’s free of added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

“I’m all natural,” she says. “Throughout high school, with bullies and everything, they would say: ‘Oh, she's got fake tits when she was 15 and blah, blah.’ But no. I simply woke up one morning, and I had them.”

As for what McKinney considers her best physical asset, well, she’s on the same page as the men ogling her in the commercial - “I mean, let’s state the obvious,” she says, laughing.

But despite the twins being her favorite body part, McKinney doesn’t know what her cup size is: “I fluctuate. It depends on what’s going on,” she says.

Those curves are what remind people of former Carl’s Jr. model Kate Upton. Although McKinney says she’s “extremely flattered” by comparisons to the competition, she sounds a bit tired of the topic.

She’d rather talk about her personal inspirations, like Brigitte Bardot or Anna Nicole Smith. “I know it’s weird to say,” she says. “But she was so sexy and funny, and had a great sense of humor.”

Charlotte Ann McKinneyShe was a million miles away from her bullied high school days at Boone High School in Orlando, Florida when her Super Bowl Carl's Jr. advertisement on Superbowl Sunday was watched by the highest television audience in history. A total of 114.4 million viewers tuned in on NBC.

McKinney’s Super Bowl commercial broke records with 2.5 billion media impressions and 9.5 million YouTube views. She then participated in Season 20 of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and has appeared in Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle and in the feature Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. She also has been on the covers of GQ Mexico and Galore, as well as fashion campaigns including GUESS.

As Charlotte McKinney sashayed through the Carl's Jr. commercial, it was a million miles away from her high school days at Boone High School in Orlando, Florida. She now admits: "The girls were rude, they would call me whoree, slut, fake boobs - it was brutal, pretty brutal."

At parties Charlotte says: "The girls would throw beer at me, just because I was the prettier girl in high school. But it was hard for me, when I was 14 and was growing into my body and I had these boobs, I didn't know what to do with them!

But I just knew I was above it all - I have an older sister, Garland, who always had my back and these girls didn't matter."

Speaking about her decision to drop out of school, she says that she also suffered because she is dyslexic, admitting: "I've had such a hard time with dyslexia my whole life. When I was a child I didn't learn to read until I was a lot older and I was behind in my classes, it was such a challenge."

Charlotte Ann McKinney"Whenever people talk about dyslexia, it's important to know that some of the smartest people in the world, major owners of companies, are dyslexic.

We just see things differently, so that's an advantage. I just learn a different way, there's nothing bad about it."

Her parents Susan and Terry were always there for her, she says, and fully supported her when she left school.

"Most parents would be bummed out, but my parents knew I was on the right track, I knew what I had to do to be successful."

'I'm only 5ft 7ins tall and for modelling that's small, so I wasn't getting signed, but I kept on pushing.' And eventually Charlotte won the Carl's Jr. role, following in the footsteps of Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, Kim Kardashian and and Heidi Klum, after they approached her management and she also snared a campaign for Guess, who discovered her on her social media accounts.

Asked about constantly being compared to her fellow Carl's Jr. model Kate Upton, Charlotte says: "I'm taking it on the chin, hopefully it will ease off soon, it's such a compliment to me, but just because we have boobs and we're blonde it doesn't mean we're the same!"

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Year Title Role Notes
2007 The Diary of Tommy Crisp Chianti Short film
2010 Thresholds Claire Video short
2015 Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser Missy Direct-to-video
2016 The Late Bloomer Attractive Woman
2017 Mad Families Sharni Direct-to-video
2017 Literally, Right Before Aaron Charlotte
2017 Baywatch Julia
2017 Flatliners Girl on Bicycle
2020 Fantasy Island N/A Post-production
TBA The Argument N/A Post-production


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Doctors Jenny Nibbs Episode: "Young at Heart"
2015 Dancing with the Stars Herself / Contestant Eliminated in 11th place
2015 Doctor Foster Bridewell Nurse Episode 1
2016 Lip Sync Battle Herself Episode: "Olivia Munn vs. Kevin Hart"
2017 Growth Tiffany Episode: "Hot Yoga"
2018 MacGyver Mia Episode: "Hammock + Balcony"
2019 Historical Roasts Mary Austin Episode: "Freddy Mercury"

Music videos

Year Song Artist
2015 "Punching Bag" Akillezz
2015 "Can It Be You?" North of Mine
2015 "Might Not" The Weeknd
2016 "I'm Not The One" Pete Yorn
2016 "Body Moves" DNCE


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