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Tracy Perez

Tracy PerezTracy Perez, born and raised in New York City, was enticed to have a part in the arts, but it was a distant, faraway thing of dreams. She grew up thinking it was only for the fortunate chosen few. Coming from immigrant parents, it was a hard sell to believe she'd ever be able to pursue it.

Then she fell in love with the theater by accident and that pretty much sealed the deal for her. Her curiosity for storytelling developed through the avenues of film, music, literature, street art, poetry and painting. Perez feverishly sought the stories and struggles behind everything creative.

According to Perez: "Finding your passion is the first thing; allowing it to feed your soul despite the odds is the journey."

She acted in a few plays, commercials, and worked on a few short films. Perez even produced one - and as painful as it was due to a miniscule budget, she'd do it again for the rush of creativity and collaboration it provided her.

Perez feels that the arts empower us to not only express ourselves through difficult times, but they free us to grow into better people, nurture our communities, invigorate our personal relationships, as well as have the capacity to inspire us to reach beyond our perceived limitations.

Tracy PerezPerez officially moved from New York City to Los Angeles in 2011, feeling that it was time to build from the ground up. A year later, she shot her first lead role in a feature film back on the East Coast in New Jersey. This past summer she worked on the webseries, East Los High, which will set ablaze the later half of 2013. The seed of the dream is germinating and the hustle is about to pay off. Having spent several years gaining experience in award-winning short films, theater and commercials while working at every job remotely imaginable, she was ready to put her faith into the powers of the Wild West. However, as fate would have it, she was soon headed back to the east coast to prepare for the lead role in the feature film An Ornament of Faith.

She will also appear in the upcoming Devil May Call. When she walked onto the set of East Los High she was convinced she had made the right decision. Perez was attracted to the strength and determination of Vanessa's character, no matter how much it was flawed.

East Los High is a teen drama web series produced, directed and written by Carlos Portugal starring Janine Larina, Gabriel Chavarria, and Alicia Sixtos. The series is Hulu's first and only series with an all Latino cast. The series airs weekdays on Hulu, also the whole series is available for Hulu Plus subscribers.

Tracy PerezEast Los High is a teen drama series that reflects the lives of teenagers growing up in East Los Angeles from the American Latino perspective. The show follows Jessie, a geeky junior at East Los High a fictional school in a working class Los Angeles neighborhood.

Jessie, an only child in a single parent Latino household, is busy with preparing for college and fantasizing about her crush, Jacob. Jessie's cousin Maya is a runaway with a troubled past who moves in with her at the beginning of the series.

The first episode finds Jessie at a school dance watching in dismay as her crush, Jacob, is crowned Winter Formal King alongside his girlfriend Vanessa. The couple belongs to the popular crowd.

After the Winter Formal couple finishes dancing, Jessie, encouraged by her best friend Soli, asks Jacob to dance.

They share a tender moment. While dancing, Jessie's phone is stolen by an unknown person. The mystery thief uses the phone to catch a viral video of Vanessa having sex in a parked car after she is crowned Winter Queen.

Tracy PerezPerez has worked in New York City theater, film, commercials and voice-overs. Also in award-winning shorts including St. Paul by Kulture Machine Productions, and Collision. She produced the short, Hero the Great, which won Best Latin Short at the Hollyshorts Film Festival.

She produced and acted in No Matinees, a collection of one-acts by playwright J. Anthony Roman at Center Stage NY. Being a supporter and explorer of new media, she is currently writing a web-series set in Los Angeles which she will also star in.

Perez, an actor/writer from New York City currently residing in Los Angeles, studied English and Film Studies at Syracuse University, which was followed by a brief spell in the music industry and also in public relations.

She acted in off Broadway theatre and several award-winning shorts, including NYILFF and Imagen winner St. Paul as well as Collision, which won Best Drama at the All American Film Festival.

She produced the short film, Hero the Great, which recieved the Best Latino Short at the Hollyshorts Film Festival and Honorable Mention in Narrative Film Prize at the Humboldt Film Festival. She has worked in voice-overs, commercials and print. Her current projects in development are an original web-series and the short film, Breathe Easy.

Tracy Perez Honors & Awards

Best Latin Short for Hero The Great
Hollyshorts Film Festival

Honorable Mention in Narrative Film
Humboldt Film Festival

2009 ST. PAUL
Imagen Award

2005 Best Short
New York International Latino Film Festival

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2013 An Ornament of Faith
Character: Yaz

2013 Devil May Call
Character: Jules

2013 East Los High (Web Series)
Character: Vanessa
– Mystery Girl (2013) - Vanessa
– 28 Days Later - Vanessa
– 4Ever Gentleman's Club - Vanessa
– All Rumors Are True - Vanessa
– Chemistry Test - Vanessa

2013 Twiharder
Character: Latina Chica

2012 Los Tienes (short)
Character: Spanish Hero Girl 1

2012 A Wheel of Fortune (short)
Character: Mira

2010 Departure (short)
Character: Mina

2010 The Troy Shawn Welcome Story (short)
Character: Sharmain

2009 Bleeding (short)
Character: Katie

2008 Wicked Desire (short)
Character: Regina

2007 Blueprint
Character: Maria

2007 Proof of Birth (short)
Character: Angelica (voice)

2007 Suavecito (video short)

2006/I You Tell Me
Character: Girl #2 on Street

2006/II Collision (short)
Character: Malia

2005 St. Paul (short)
Character: Samantha

2004 Juicy (short)
Character: Lisi

2008 Hero the Great (short)
Producer: Tracy Perez

Tracy Perez - Hero The Great - Interview


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