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Palamutbükü in Muğla Province, Turkiye

Palamutbükü, TurkiyePalamutbükü is 30 kilometers from the town center of Datça - on the peninsula of the same name in Muğla Province. Palamutbükü is the last of the three bays (Hayıtbükü, Ovabükü, Palamutbükü) located on the part of the Datça Peninsula facing the Mediterranean.

This small fishing and almond producing village on the Datça Peninsula is an ideal holiday location for those seeking peace and quiet in beautiful natural surroundings on the Mediterranean Sea in south west Turkiye.

The land part of Palamutbükü is within the borders of Yaka Village and the port area is within the borders of Cumalı Village. Palamutbuku got its name from the acorn trees that grow there.

While in ancient times it was an important settlement of Knidos with its harbor and fertile lands, Palamutbükü is now a touristic center where blue and green colors embrace its sparkling sea, and numerous almond and pine trees.

Palamutbükü, which is an ideal place if you want to spend your holiday away from the noise of the city - just perfect for holidaymakers who are interested in history, with its proximity to many ancient sites and natural beauty.

In order to reach Palamutbükü, which is approximately 30 kilometers from the center of Datça, it is necessary to arrive in Datça first. You can come to Datça by air, land and sea.

Transportation by Land: It is possible to reach Datça in approximately 13 hours from Istanbul by your private vehicle, and in approximately 12 hours from Ankara via Afyon, Denizli, Muğla and Marmaris.

Palamutbükü, TurkiyeThose who want to come to Palamutbükü from İzmir need to use Muğla, Marmaris and Datça roads via İzmir-Aydın Highway, the road takes approximately 5 hours.

If your choice for transportation is bus travel, there are bus companies that organize direct flights to Datça from many of the air travel hub cities of Turkiye.

When you reach Datça by choosing one of these, you reach the bay in another 45 minutes on average, with the minibuses that depart from the center to Palamutbükü - which make reciprocal round trips every hour, especially in the summer season.

Transportation by air: The closest airports to Palamutbükü are Milas-Bodrum Airport (90 km) and Dalaman Airport (180 km).

Should you arrive at Bodrum Airport, you can go to Datça on a 2-hour journey with the Datça ferries departing from the Bodrum Marina.

Another alternative for reaching Datça by air is Dalaman Airport, which you can reach by direct flights from Istanbul and Ankara. From there you can take a shuttle service to Marmaris and you then can reach Datça by minibuses departing hourly from the Otogar. (Bus Terminal)

You can reach the cove by minibuses departing from Datça center to Palamutbükü - also, as another alternative, daily tour boats go to Palamutbükü from the Datça Yacht Harbor.

Palamutbükü has a very long beach because it is one of the largest bays of Datça. Some parts of the coast are sandy and some parts are flat pebbles.

Palamutbükü, TurkiyeThere are restaurants, tea gardens and bars all along the coastline, which is quite long. The best part is that you can swim in front of all of them.

Most of the facilities have umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach, which you can use free of charge. It has cool air even in the hottest part of summer, you never feel the sweltering heat of summer.

Palamutbükü, where village houses, pensions and summer houses are lined up in the woods along the beach, is also very abundant in terms of apart hotels.

If you choose Palamutbükü for your holiday, there is a great chance that you'll come across the market on Mondays and Thursdays. This is where local products are sold, and you can buy almonds, honey and thyme from the villagers there.

They are untouched coves with small pebble beaches at the end, facing Palamutbükü (Baba Ada) Island, with an immaculate sea. In these parts the water is deep, near the shore the depth suddenly drops. An anchor is placed on the sand floor at 10 meters and a seat is taken.

Anchor at 6-8 meters in front of Palamutbükü. You can also stay in Alarga. However, even on days when there is no wind, this place takes a little breath.

Palamutbükü is open to the south but closed to the northerly winds, although occasional showers descend from the mountains.

Palamutbükü has a shelter with a capacity of 40 yachts and is run by the Cumali Village Headman (Contact: 0252-426 14 30, 0541-859 97 44).

Palamutbükü, TurkiyeIn the shelter, which has 15 vaults on the quay part, it is necessary to anchor for other berths. The porter will greet you at the entrance of the shelter - shows you where to dock and helps if you need anything.

While anchoring, it is beneficial to anchor the boats in the shelter, taking into account the anchorage of the boats and those that may berth after you. Large boats are not allowed to enter this shelter, except for mandatory conditions.

The depth is already at most 4 meters on the side of the mole. Small boats dock at this part of the shelter, whose shore side is deepened. Large boats that cannot enter the shelter, anchor outside and take a seat from the breakwater.

In the shelter, electricity and water are readily available. Ice and gas are also available in the markets where you can do all your shopping. There is also a Health Center and a Gendarmerie Station in Palamutbükü.

There are regular minibus services to Datça, which is only 25 kilometers away. Taxis are available. Two cargo companies serve Palamutbükü and restaurants and laundry service are also open. On Sundays, the street market is set up, you'll have the opportunity to find fresh vegetables and fruits.

There are hotels and hostels with different characteristics. Especially around the shelter, there are very nice restaurants, cafes and bars. Some are very special places. Most of them have wireless connections.

In Palamutbükü, as in other settlements on this coast, almond cultivation is widespread. You can always come across almond crackers in front of houses around town for those who pluck a few nuts from a tree.

Palamutbükü, TurkiyeUnder this title, the Datça Peninsula starts from Knidos (36°40'58”N - 27°22'41”E) in the west and reaches Kurucabük Bay (36°45'19”N – 27°53) in the east. We will consider 30 miles of coastline up to '76”E).

The land structure in the north of the coastline; It has a mountainous and rugged structure, which is typical of the Aegean region.

The peninsula, which starts with Karadağ (786 m.) in the west, ends in Datça after a 19-mile coastline with high mountains in its extension.

After Datça, Reşadiye and Emecik plains, it connects to Bozdağ (1174 m.) and continues. After Datça, after 11 miles, Kurucakbük comes.

The westernmost of these areas, in front of Knidos, are the places to be considered. Northerly winds, strong and mixed waves often make navigation in this area difficult.

It is useful for those who will not enter Knidos to pass through the open. From Knidos to the east, the high mountains in the north make their effects felt as northerly winds with strong escapades and showers.

In front of the flat areas after Datça, the air, which is generally calm in the morning, passes through the Gökova Gulf from the north towards noon, and continues with showers until sunset.

The prevailing winds in summer are from the north. In the spring and autumn, southerly winds begin.

Almost all the bays on this coastline are north sheltered, south facing bays. When the south winds will blow, the number of places to take shelter and shelter is few.

Palamutbükü, TurkiyeThis region is not overwhelming even in summer. Humidity is low, winters are warm and rainy, but the wind blowing from three sides of the peninsula protects from the dry heat of summer and offers cool weather.

66% of the peninsula is forest area, 18% is sparse bush and rocky area, 16% is agricultural area. There are many sheltered coves, shelters and piers on this coast. There is a highway connection from almost every point.

It is a region steeped in history. There are many important historical places to visit. Virgin coves, with their lively centers, have all the options. It has a clean sea that will never talk about pollution. It is the most abundant fishing area.

It is a coastline where you can easily find supply, security and health opportunities.

It is a region famous for its agricultural fields and special products. It is the region where organic farming areas are the most in Turkey.

Although the seas are deep, while passing these areas, it is beneficial to cruise at least 100 meters from the open:

1) Hayıt Bükü Shallow in the Bay,

2) Karataş Cape Shallow,

3 ) Flat Island Shallows,

4) Karaincir Islands Shallows,

5) Attention should be paid to the shallows around the Adatepe Peninsula.

Palamutbükü, Turkiye
Karia Hotel Palamutbükü
Palamutbükü, Datça, Muğla, Turkiye

At the Karia Hotel Datça, the staff promises you a comfortable stay and a pleasant terrace on which to sit with a cold drink and gaze over the deep blue sea.

SUPERIOR ROOM - there are 2 superior rooms with a private garden and terrace; the floor area of each superior room is 27m2. It provides room service, telephone, airconditioning, wireless internet,tea and coffee

DELUXE ROOM - we have elegantly furnished, modern deluxe rooms with a view of nature, private garden and terrace; floor area of each deluxe room is 30m2. It provides room service, telephone, airconditioning, wireless internet,tea and coffee

LUXURY SUIT ROOM - there is a whirlpool in suites and the floor area of each suite is 35m2. It provides room service, telephone, airconditioning, wireless internet,tea and coffee

FAMILY ROOMThe floor area of each family room is 60m2, and they are designed and furnished same as the other rooms in the hotel. Only these rooms are connected with a door.
It provides room service, telephone, airconditioning, wireless internet,tea and coffee

KARIA HOTEL | Palamutbükü - Karia Hotel with stone-built rustic architectural design was established on a total of 20 thousand square meters including a restaurant, bar, lobby, workshop hall, and hotel rooms.

Five of the rooms can be joined with the deluxe rooms and one of the rooms can be joined with a luxury suite and superior room, and therefore can be converted into six family rooms.

At Karia Hotel, we aim to meet and exceed customer satisfaction from booking to check-out - providing a professional service to our guests for their comfort.

In addition to the comfort of the rooms all furnished with standard equipment, there is housekeeping, 24-hour open front office and room service, safe, car park, newspapers, wake up service, extra bed, and rich organic breakfast menu available to our guests.

Enjoy the pleasant and peaceful breeze, sunshine, and view in the garden and terrace of your modern and elegantly designed room.

At Karia Hotel Datça, the staff promises to provide a comfortable accommodation in a clean delightful room in this beautiful paradise in Turkiye.

+90 252 606 04 26
+90 541 740 55 09

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